Suggestions Through 10/5/17

It's great that you conducted the survey on dietary preferences, but I was upset that kosher wasn't an option. As someone who keeps kosher on campus I often end up eating vegetarian, despite that it is not my preference. I also think that there are more people on campus who keep kosher than you think.

We agree that it would be great to have more dietary information to assist our planning, including Kosher (or Kosher-Style), Halal, Gluten-Free, Lactose Intolerant, etc. However, that would require a different survey method, and could not be done through our cash registers, which cannot be configured to accommodate surveys of multiple, overlapping categories.  This is also a longitudinal study, designed to have the same questions each time (this was the third identical survey). 

Interesting info: Over 1,842 people with student or staff meal/debit plans participated this year. The four non-omnivore categories (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and no red meat) combined have grown from 20.1% of Oxy constituents to 23.56% over the period from fall 2014 to fall 2017. 
We hope that our new labeling system of identifying meat (as well as non-meat) items that contain dairy or eggs -introduced this fall -  may be helpful for those who would like to dine Kosher-Style!
V: Vegetarian. Contains no dairy or egg products unless accompanied by L or O
L:  Lacto.  Contains dairy products, but no egg products unless accompanied by O
O:  Ovo.   Contains egg products, but no dairy products unless accompanied by L
SF:  Item which contains shellfish or shellfish ingredients
GF: Gluten-free.
Nuts:  Will identify specific nut(s)  Examples: Meatloaf (O) contains egg
Chicken Caesar Salad (L)(O)  contains dairy and egg products
Vegetarian items may be any combination: 
Tofu Teriyaki (V)  VEGAN  
Macaroni & Cheese (V) (L)  Vegetarian, contains dairy 
Gnocci  (V) (O)  Vegetarian, contains egg
Cheese Strata  (V) (L) (O) Vegetarian, contains dairy and egg
Thank you for bringing back the large vegan muffins! would you consider trying out other kinds? like maybe pumpkin or chocolate? 
You're welcome. We'll see if we can develop a few new flavors!
Y'all made some poached eggs last semester and served them on the weekend and it would be great if this was a more common option!
We menued poached eggs last weekend, sure hope you didn't miss them! But no worries, we'll do it again...
If it's not too costly, chicken/eggplant parmesan would be an excellent menu item to add to the rotation!
We have been known to do both Chicken and Eggplant Parmesan with some regularity. This Tuesday 10/10 come for lunch at Homestyle and enjoy Eggplant Parmesan (or the compatible meat entree, Steak Milanesa)
What happened to Blueberry Pancakes on Sundays? That was the highlight of my weekend and now all I get are M&M pancakes. Please bring back the blueberrie
Blueberries are back, on Sundays. M& M Pancakes are offered on Saturdays. We missed just one Sunday, to our knowledge - September 24. 
Should start making corn beef  hash, tonkatsu, Korean chicken, garlic chicken, FRESH Ahi poke, Manapua, kau yuk, Kalua pork and cabbage, laulau.
Thanks for the suggestions! How about a little Char Sui BBQ Pork with Steamed Buns? (Monday October 9 at lunch!)
‪PLEASE make the Piña Colada permanent at the Cooler. Bahama Mama is not good.‬
Three flavors of Cooler Smoothies are typically standard, because they sell so well: Strawberry, Strawberry/Banana and Cappucino. The other flavors are all rotated and each has its fans. We do our best to keep our diverse population of palates happy. 
Please use actual eggs instead of powdered eggs. I will pay extra. 
Um...we don't use powdered eggs, anywhere! Our liquid eggs are organic, free-range, pasteurized, pre-shelled eggs. We don't have hours of labor to spare shelling eggs for the omelet bar in advance, and doing it during service at the station would only slow down the lines. 
Please please please could you get gum or mints in the Cooler or MP? That would be great! Thank you. 
Gum is a non-starter, we're sorry - it only give the staff more clean-up. If you would like to suggest an upscale mint brand, we can look into it - particularly if it meets Real Food Challenge criteria. The Green Bean has been known to sell mints. 
I loved the vegan yakisoba noodles at Saturday brunch!! I hope that they will be a recurring saturday brunch item 
Yes, Yakisoba noodles appear pretty frequently on Saturdays - usually we have extra noodles from Wednesday's stir fry bar. Glad you like them :-)
"The mango blueberry salad always seems to have mango that is not ripe in it. It's very disappointing to find hard/chalky mango in your expensive salad.
We buy a frozen mango product - we use it in many applications and this is the first negative comment we have received. We'll keep an eye on it. 
...could you please use spinach more often in all salads (instead of arugula and kale) Or just use romaine and no arugula! (arugula is used way too often and ruins a lot of the salads with its overpowering bitterness)"
Thanks for telling us your preference. We have lots of people to please, and we find the key is rotation - so yes, we rotate the various lettuces. Kale and Arugula have large fan bases, as does Spinach. Romaine is regularly available at the Salad Bar. So, if you don't care for the greens at the Specialty Salad case on a given day, you may bring some Romaine to the station and the staff should be able to add the toppings for you (they will change the plate or container however, so please bring it on a plate, and then we won't waste a to-go container).