Suggestions Through 11/15/18

MUSSELS...     'nough said!!!

We feel the same :)

I miss the old vegan muffins with whole grain batter. :(

The batter that you are talking about no longer exsists. The supplier went out of business. Sorry!

Could we please add RX bars to the marketplace?? 

We looked into getting the RX bars over the last two weeks. Unfortunately the pricing does not work for us. If we ordered them at the price that is given to us we would have to charge $5 per bar, making it the most expensive bar we offer. 

"Hi, Would you consider selling soylent in the market place and/or the cooler?

We will start to carry it in the near future :)

What's the recipe for the beef stroganoff and the vegetarian taco filling on Sunday?

We have asked the chef for his recipe - watch this space...

Re: Comment about slow lines at the Homestyle Station:

Thank you for letting us know your concerns. We will work with our staff, and we hope you will see improvement soon.

Hello, there is no more bbq sauce and I told one of the cashiers but it was not resolved. Who should I notify in the future? Thanks!

The cashier is the most immediate source to turn to, but if the issue is not resolved you may always ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. On this particular day the cashier did go look for the barbecue sauce but we were out of stock. She did take out the barbecue sauce that is normally at the grill. Please be patient, sometimes it may take a while for our staff to locate these items. Through your suggestion, we have certainly been notified and the product is back in stock.

Sometimes the labeling at the Coffee Cart is a bit off. The deviled eggs, for example, say they contain four egg halves, but there were only three in my box.

The food offered at the Coffee Cart is provided by Four Cafe. On occasion, we have found discrepancies with either the labeling, the ingredients, or both. While these occurrences are far less frequent than with past suppliers, these discrepancies are promptly reported to Four Cafe for correction - expressing the importance of quality, consistency and accuracy.

The following comment came in after dinner on Monday November 5. The Marketplace menu that evening was:

Homestyle: Butter Chicken (gf) or Falafel w/ Masala (v) with Roasted Cauliflower (v)(gf) and Roasted Potatoes (v)(gf)
Sauté Station: Cheese Tortellini (v)(l) with a Choice of Sauces
Chef's Corner: Meatless Monday
Grill Station: Express Grill Items
Soup: Tomato Cheddar (v)(l)(gf) or Chicken & Wild Rice (gf)

"The food tonight was so absolutely disgusting that it moved me and my friends to make this suggestion. I posted a picture of it on my finsta and it it is my most liked post. I then googled prison food and found that overall it looks better than what was on my plate tonight. It is so hard to be healthy at this school because the healthy options taste so bad. And I am no foodie either I am so down to eat food that tastes super bad in the name of health. I seriously question if the chef behind these god awful recipies even tastes the food. I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow to buy as much food as I can to cook myself. The only reliable food on campus is at the cooler and you can only eat so many hamburgers and grilled cheeses. I really apologize if this came off as super negative I’m just trying to voice the opinion of every person I know and myself. I love everyone who works at the cafeteria though!!! Including the person who I think runs the entire operation he is super nice!!"

We’re truly sorry you’re not happy, but could you please give us more information to go on? You didn’t send us the photo, so we don’t know what menu item(s) you are referring to.  Meatless Monday on 11/5 consisted of Dhal (Lentils), Saag (Pureed Spinach) and Paneer (Cheese). We believe these dishes to be delicious (attested to by the long lines every Monday), but they may lack plate appeal, from a visual perspective. Meatless Monday is prepared each week by a team of 2-3 Indian cooks. The ingredients are authentic, everything is cut by hand, and this may be the most lovingly and carefully prepared meal of the week. The Butter Chicken on Monday was prepared by the same team – and, while this dish may also lack eye appeal, we have received comments asking us to serve it more often.

Maybe you were referring to a different dish/dishes, but we can’t explore any further without more information. While we respect everyone’s right to use social media, we don’t monitor your Finsta. So please, if you’d like your comments addressed and problems solved, send more information back to the suggestion box (if you want to remain anonymous) or to (we don’t bite, we promise ;->)

Please make the Asian style tostada again. It was delicious!I would also like to request a Po boy sandwhich

The tostadas made their way on the line Friday 11/9, we hope you caught them. What kind of Po' Boy Sandwich are you looking for? Let us know!

On Nov. 6, the pizza (mushroom and dried tomato) made at the MP had raw dough. The pizza looked smaller and had a thicker crust than usual. Not sure if it was just this time, but please keep the dough thin so that it's cooked all the way through.

Our apologies. The cook doesn't have much experience making pizza. He has since been retrained. 

Can you please get a new bagel slicer? The one being used doesn't slice the bagels all the way...

We do have a new bagel slicer. If the bagels are not being sliced all the way through, this is user error. We will have to monitor the student employees to ensure they are slicing the bagels thoroughly.

Hello, there is a small shelf in the bakery section at the marketplace that has muffins. There is a sticker that says "Vegan" at the top of that shelf, but not the bottom shelf. Is the bottom shelf vegan as well?

If you are talking about the little wooden display case, then yes everything in there is vegan.

[Tiger Cooler] why do the bell peppers for the chicken terriyaki bowls cost so much? I really love them but do they need to cost almost 5 dollars?

The bell peppers and onions are actually the option for the veggie philly. We never intended for them to be a side of vegetables, but they have become popular. They are labor intensive which is why we have not altered the price. Did you know we now offer a grilled vegetable at the Cooler M-Th after 7pm? Check it out!

Last year, the MP had amazing breakfast bowls that were (if I remember correctly) overnight oats or chia seed pudding that you could add fruit and other toppings to it. They were so good and I've been waiting for them to come back so please bring them back!!

We loved the breakfast bowls too! Unfortunately continuing them would have required additional labor in the form of a position upgrade. Until mid-summer we felt confident that the budget would be approved, but it did not happen.  We may be able bring the breakfast bowls back as an occasional special, however.

How many calories are the french toast sticks? They're not listed on the nutrition guide for the grill breakfast

The french toast sticks are 221 calories per 3 sticks. Our page has since been updated.

It would be great to have some grilled pork, possibly pork belly at the grill from time to time instead of the standard chicken beef or fish.

Because of cross contact, we cannot offer grilled pork at the Grill. We do offer pork very often in our Homestyle rotation. Next semester we will try to offer pork more often at Chef's Corner. 

Why is there no All Meat Wednesday but there is Meatless Monday? #Diversity

Meatless Monday is served at one (very popular) station for Monday dinner. Meat options are still available at Homestyle, Saute, the Grill and the Sandwich Station.

Bring back the Cheerios

We do have Cheerios available to purchase. They are located in our grab & go snack area. Kellogg's provides our cereal dispensers, so we are not able to offer Cheerios in bulk.