"Please stock Naked Juice at the Tiger Cooler (right now Naked Juice is only available at the Marketplace). There are practically no healthy drinks at the Tiger Cooler and I have seen empty space in the drink refrigerators."
We try not to duplicate items across facilities - to maximize variety for the Campus. Naked Juices are perishable and require refrigeration.  The Cooler is very tight on refrigeration space, and unlike the Marketplace, does not have a walk-in refrigerator attached to the display case to store and refrigerate extra product.  While you may see empty spaces in the Cooler displays from time to time, every space is actually assigned. If a space appears empty, it is either because we have not yet had the opportunity to restock or we are awaiting the next delivery.
"Could we get the dairy free (not lactose free) Amy's mac and cheese again. I love that!"
We ordered it again - hope you got some. We frequently experience delivery shortages on this product, (Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Rice Mac & Cheeze) but try to rotate it in often.
The Grill's chicken has been seasoned differently the past few days. The previous method tasted better. Also, most people I have talked to complain that the chicken is too dry. I agree that it is often too dry but very good at other times.
We didn't change the seasoning on the chicken - at least not recently. So, we're not sure what might have caused it to taste different. We do have some new employees at the grill so perhaps they used more or less seasoning. If you ever receive chicken that is not cooked properly, please find a chef or supervisor, and we will get you a replacement or a refund!
Recently, I've noticed the garlic bread has not been cooked to be at least moderately crispy. Because of this, the bread is sopping with oil and is not an enjoyable dining experience. 
Some of our customers like their garlic bread crispy, others like it dripping in butter! We'll try to find a happy medium.
I loved the quinoa and chickpea masala soup on Tuesday (4/17)! I would love to see it again this semester or next!
The Chickpea Masala soup is a standard recipe - but we don't always add quinoa. We've told the chefs how much you liked it - thank you.  
Thank you for always being so kind and helpful even when we, the students aren't always the most respectful. I appreciate everything you do for us. 
And we appreciate the sentiment. Thank you!!
The sauce for the orange/sweet and sour chicken is awesome! Is there an easy way to request extra sauce? I noticed that the chicken is often served with a spoon that has holes in it, so sometimes no sauce makes it onto our plates. 
We agree - the sauce should be served with a solid spoon ;-). We followed up with the staff. And yes, you may request extra sauce!
I loved the soba noodle salad in the salad bar on Tuesday, 4/24! I love when the salad bar has grains, and the soba noodles are so delicious. Please include them again!
What you describe are the "bonuses" of over-production. Whe we have extra grains, or noodles - we put them out on the salad bar. Glad you enjoyed!
"http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-lz1f07readers215352-blueberry-…Blueberry muffin recipe (the tops are crunchy)"
Thanks for the recipe! We make the vegan muffins from scratch, but we typically don't have enough bakery labor to make much more, at least for the Marketplace. Have you perhaps tried the Susina Bakery Blueberry Muffins at the Cooler yet?
Please sell non sweetened almond milk by the quart, rather than just take away cups. 
The Marketplace also usually carries unsweetened almond milk in half pints. We wish we could get more vegan milks in bulk packaging - we think less is better in this case :-)
Can we have Mexican food like quesadillas and occasionally tacos available at the cooler
We really wish the Cooler had production space for items like these - but there is no kitchen production space in the back! 
Pesto Alfredo sauce for the tortellini on Monday’s! 
The tortellini is a high cost item, and Pesto is the highest cost sauce. Put the two together and we're sorry but we would have to charge much more than we think students would be/should be willing to pay.
I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE YOUR OKRA. please make more okra dishes. thank you :)
That would be the Okra at Meatless Monday. It will return in the fall. Thanks for letting us know!
It would be so nice to have tempeh bacon available for vegans at the sandwich bar (when regular bacon is offered)! Another sandwich bar idea is vegan cheese, like Field Roast Chao Slices.
Thank you for these suggestions. We do most of our product research in the summer, so we will add these to the list to look into!
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