Suggestions Through 7/30/19

“love, Love, LOVE the mussels!!! Gonna smell like garlic for a week, but well worth it!”


“The egg scramble today at Sunday brunch with the smoked salmon was so good. Please bring it back every weekend!”


“Please make the Hawaiian Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Onion Rings and apricots REGULAR, SO GOOD”




“Green Posole! Por favor me encantan”

Thank you all for these amazing compliments :)

“I love the butter chicken so much. More than anything. Me and my friends talk about it all the time. Please more butter chicken”

Look for it next semester!

“I love the Haagen Daaz Caramel Cone ice cream so much! It is incredibly delicious and I know my friends and I like it better than the vanilla chocolate chip and dulce de leche flavors. It would mean the world to me if you restocked it more frequently!”

Haagen Daaz Cups, in general, are very popular. Unfortunately, the distributor only delivers once per week (sometimes two weeks), and the cups are often in short supply. While we request mostly Mint and Caramel Cone, we usually are forced to take whatever the driver has on his truck to ensure volume. Otherwise, we would have none to offer until the following delivery.

“Creamy PBJs on non-seedy wheat bread”

We usually make PB&Js on bread that we have an abundance of, we try to rotate the bread options as often as we can.

“It would be great if the Cooler had more chicken wings over the semester, and not just hot wings, but other flavors like barbecue too!”

We typically offer two style of chicken wings, Buffalo or Asian-style. We can certainly look to include other flavors like BBQ.

“I would love to see stir-fry for dinners, as well as an already made stir-fry option like how the pasta bar has a pasta of the day. I love you Marketplace!”

We don’t offer the stir-fry to order for dinner because it gives a chance to offer other popular food choices i.e. Organic Potato Bar and Cheese Tortellini. The bulk stir-fry doesn’t hold up well when made in big batches which is why we don’t offer that option either.

“Can we get sashimi or other sushi options from redshell sushi? My friends and I would appreciate sushi dishes that arent rolls or poke. (sashimi and nigiri)”

We will be in touch with ALL suppliers, including Red Shell, over the summer to see what items have been discontinued and what new items may be available.

“Hello! I would like to request for the marketplace to have regular sodium soy sauce, maybe Maggi in the bottle not the little packets because they are more sustainable and tasty! Thank you!”

The Tiger Cooler does carry the regular soy sauce. At the Marketplace, we don’t have any room to carry the regular soy sauce, if we did we would have to get rid of the low sodium soy sauce. We tried the bottles but they were constantly being stolen to a point where they no longer were sustainable.

“[Tiger Cooler] Y’all should sell more corn dogs”

We may be able to serve them as our Friday/Saturday night specials! Keep an eye out!

“There's these really good Pillsbury scones that I think would be a great addition to morning breakfast options at the Marketplace or even late night snacks for the coffee cart.

We will do our research. Any new items that we might want to consider offering at the Marketplace would need to meet the Real Food Challenge.