Suggestions Through 8/8/18

"I have loved the vegan station all summer! Thank you for having such a wide range of options for those of us that don't eat meat and dairy. The only thing i would suggest is making sure the entree has a substantial amount of protein in it, because I know most of us struggle with finding that most. Thanks again"

Thank you for your feedback. We are always amazed at how many guests enjoy the vegan station, even those who may not eat strictly vegan. Most days, we try to feature protein options ranging from legumes to meat analogues. Other days, the selection is merely to compliment vegan options already offered across other hot food stations. 
"Hello, the marketplace food is often quite salty/sweet. Could you cut down on the salt and allow the students to add salt as needed? It's making me bloated and sick."
The kitchen will definitely take this into consideration. We are currently working on more standardized recipes. For future it would be helpful to receive the specifics (i.e., days, meal time and/or station served at) so that we can incorporate this information. 
"Are students allowed to take their purchased meals out of the dining hall so that they can be eaten elsewhere? If so would they have to bring their own containers or are disposable containers provided?"

During the summer, the Marketplace uses an all-you-care-to-eat format which requires guests to finish their meals in the facility. Once we return to our normal a la carte format on August 13th, we do offer food to go. We strongly encourage our students to utilize our Eco-Clamshell program which exchanges a reusable container for each visit. To help reinforce these efforts , we do apply an upcharge for food taken out in containers other than the Eco-Clamshells.  

"PLEASE Keep serving the plantains into the school year! They are my favorite thing that has been served this summer along with anything & everythingmade by Parmijit(:"
We are happy to hear that the plantains are so loved. According to our kitchen staff, you should find them served most every weekend during brunch. As we get back into the school year be on the look out for Meatless Mondays served at Chef's Corner for dinner, where you usually can find a whole station almost exclusively prepared by Pamijit.