Waste Management

Be it reusable containers, recycling, or our growing compost program, we have a program that you can contribute to, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Food Donation Program

The Excess Food Recovery Team (EFRT) aims to significantly reduce the amount of food waste on Occidental's campus by donating leftover food from the dining facilities to local community partners. For more information, visit our Facebook page.

Every two weeks, the EFRT team goes into the kitchen to weigh and label leftover food that the Campus Dining staff generously organizes and consolidates for them. After tracking the food for the donation, the program coordinators transport the packaged leftovers to one of their community partners. 

You can check out EFRT's donation tracking data HERE.

Since it's founding in Fall of 2017, EFRT has donated around 8,000 lbs of food to community partners.

  • The Marketplace and Tiger Cooler both use bulk dispensers for condiments to reduce the use of individual packets

  • As part of our waste management program, we utilize highly efficient compost and trash compactors, to reduce the number of pick-ups, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.

  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag to carry items from the dining facilities - we’ve banned plastic bags! We offer a compostable bag on request ($.50).

  • Eco-Bev discount: Bring your own CLEAN mug or bottle and receive 15¢ off the cost of your hot beverage or cold fountain drink. Please present your container to the cashier in advance to determine its capacity- the size you will be charged for is at the discretion of the cashier on duty at the time.

  • Campus Dining operates the most effective recycling/waste management center on Campus. When your return your waste to the dish carousel, our trained staff sorts by recycling, compost, and landfill, effectively reducing the amount of waste we send to the landfills.

  • We work with FiltaFry to reduce our frying oil use via filtration. FiltaFry also recycles our fryer waste oil into biodiesel.

  • Other used cooking fats & oils at the Marketplace are picked up and recycled into biodiesel by Baker Commodities.

  • We contribute pre-consumer compostable food production waste and coffee grounds to the College's organic garden.

  • All other compostable waste from the Marketplace & Green Bean is diverted to local compost facilities. Compostable items include paper, cardboard, disposable flatware, some to-go containers, and pre-and post-consumer food waste.

  • Marketplace, Tiger Cooler, Coffee Cart, and the Green Bean all use compostable materials in place of disposables. These compostable items include:

    • Cutlery

    • Straws

    • Cups (hot and cold) and lids

    • Sandwich wrap (MP)