Berkus Bistro

Students grab a late night snack at the Coffee Cart in Berkus Hall

Your Berkus Bistro!

The Berkus Bistro (formerly known as the Coffee Cart) menu includes not only coffee and tea drinks and packaged goodies, but a rotating assortment of local & organic meal options from Four Cafe. The Berkus Bistro is located on the Berkus Hall 2nd Level Courtyard. All students, faculty and staff have access to this level with the Oxy ID card. The Bistro accepts Meal Plans (at 50% discount), Rollover, and Bengal Bucks. No cash please.

Monday - Thursday 6pm - 12midnight (last day Thursday May 5th)

Four Cafe Menu: [updated each week by Monday]
Sample Four Cafe Menu:


Living Salad (v)(gf)


Breakfast Burrito (v)(l)(o)
Grilled Cheese (v)(l)
Turkey Cranberry (l)(o)
Tempeh BLTA (v) 


Penne with Meat Sauce *no cheese
Vegetarian Chili (v)(l)(gf)
Bowties with Spinach Tomato Sauce (v) *no cheese


Israeli Cous Cous  (v)



V: Vegetarian. Contains no dairy or egg products unless accompanied by L or O
L:  Lacto.  Contains dairy products, but no egg products unless accompanied by O
O:  Ovo.   Contains egg products, but no dairy products unless accompanied by L
SF:  Item which contains shellfish or shellfish ingredients
GF: Gluten-free.
Nuts:  Will identify specific nut(s) 


Meatloaf (O) contains egg
Chicken Caesar Salad (L)(O)  contains dairy and egg products
Vegetarian items may be any combination: 
Tofu Teriyaki (V)  VEGAN  
Macaroni & Cheese (V) (L)  Vegetarian, contains dairy 
Gnocci  (V) (O)  Vegetarian, contains egg
Cheese Strata  (V) (L) (O) Vegetarian, contains dairy and egg