a senior Oxy student shows off his senior comps studio art project in Los Angeles
Senior Comps

Senior “comps,” or comprehensives, reflect Oxy’s educational philosophy of learning deeply and independently.

students doing geology research at Vasquez Rocks north of L.A.
Student Research at Oxy

Opportunities to engage in research independently or alongside a faculty mentor are a hallmark of the Oxy experience.

A view of a student on a bench overlooking campus from above at sunset
Visit & Explore Campus

The best way to experience the energy of Occidental's beautiful, 120-acre campus is to visit in person.

Liberal Arts in Los Angeles

Drawing on the cultural and intellectual resources of a global city, Occidental provides a springboard for putting theory into practice and ideas into action.

Discover Occidental

A vibrant, small liberal arts college experience in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most stimulating and creative cities in the world. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

At Occidental

Oxy combines the liberal arts and sciences with the global city of Los Angeles to put theory into practice and ideas into action.

What’s Happening At Oxy