Prof. Joseph Schulz talks about cone snails, referring to a projected slide
“Oxy Talks” Faculty Video Series

The Oxy Talks series features brief lectures highlighting the expertise of Occidental faculty on topics of current and general interest.

a girl on a bike rides across the Quad full of students
Take Our Virtual Campus Tour

Enjoy an engaging 360° tour of some of our favorite spots around campus and hear directly from our knowledgeable tour guides.

A view of the red Hiroshima temple with pine trees in the background
Occidental Around the Globe

Hear from Occidental students who are pursuing learning abroad in Japan, Austria, South Korea, Argentina and Italy.

Liberal Arts in Los Angeles

Drawing on the cultural and intellectual resources of a global city, Occidental provides a springboard for putting theory into practice and ideas into action.

Discover Occidental

A vibrant, small liberal arts college experience in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most stimulating and creative cities in the world. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

Scenes of Occidental

Take an aerial tour of the campus we call home.

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