Coffee Cart

Students grab a late night snack at the Coffee Cart in Berkus Hall

Take an evening study break at Berkus Hall!

The Coffee Cart's menu includes not only coffee and tea drinks and packaged goodies, but an eclectic assortment of light meal and snack options from Four Cafe (not available at other on-campus facilities.) The Coffee Cart is located on the Berkus Hall 2nd Level Courtyard. All students, faculty and staff have access to this level via the Oxy ID card.

Sunday - Thursday 7:30pm - 1am

Closed Holidays


Caesar (L)(O)

Fig & Roasted Onion (V)(L)(GF)




        *contains peanuts

Grilled Cheese (V)(L)

Chicken Pasilla Panini (L)(O)



Penne w/ Meat Sauce (L)

Bowties w/ Spinach Tomato Sauce, no cheese (V)

Vegetarian Chili (V)(L)(GF)  *send Sunday & Tuesday only



Fruit Salad (V)(GF)

Granola Parfait (V)(L)(GF)

        *contains almonds & walnuts

Hummus & Pita Platter (V)(L)  

Deviled Eggs (V)(O)(GF)