Looking to try a unique drink while benefitting a good cause? Check out our Scholarship Speciality Drinks!

Green Dynamite

Blended Matcha Green Tea

The “Green Dynamite" honors the Green Family, our coffee shop’s namesake. The Green Family donated the space for the Green Bean Coffee Lounge, giving us our home in the Leonard Green Family Dining Room off Branca Patio since 2009.

To honor the Green Family’s commitment to our student space, the funds from the “Green Dynamite" support need-based financial aid for Occidental students.


Chai Latte with Espresso

The “Skotcheim" honors President Skotheim’s (2008-2009) contributions to making the vision for a student-run coffee shop a reality. A strong advocate for students, President Skotheim helped present the proposal to the Board of Trustees when students expressed desire for a space where they could gather and study. 

To honor President Skotheim’s advocacy for all students being able to access an Occidental education, the funds from the “Skotcheim" support scholarships for first-generation students.

To Veitch Their Own

Seasonally Rotating Recipe/Drink of the Month 

“To Veitch Their Own," honors President Veitch, the incoming president of the college when the Green Bean Coffee Lounge was founded in 2009. The fund supports Green Bean programming in addition to providing funding to Occidental organizations that are dedicated to the missions of Occidental and the Green Bean Coffee Lounge through the Drink of the Month Partnership .

In order to be considered for the To Veitch Their Own Drink Partnership, groups must:

  • Be a recognized student organization, club, Greek organization, OR recognized branch/function of ASOC (Student Services, Student Representatives, Student Media, Honor Board, Diversity & Equity Board, Senate, and Sustainability)
  • Propose a project/initiative with campus-wide reach that supports both the mission of the College and the Green Bean
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Not have received To Veitch Their Own Partnership funding for two consecutive semesters prior to application
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the partnership outlined in the application. 

All groups that apply for funding from the Specialty "To Veitch Their Own" Partnership program will undergo a substantive, mission-based analysis based on the information provided in the application as well as a presentation to the Green Bean Partnership Committee. Funds will be distributed to approved partners at the beginning of the following fiscal year.  

Applications for scholarship drinks open in early fall each year. Email the greenbean@oxy.edu for more information.  

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