End of Year Meal Plan/Debit Account Information for 2019

Information to help you plan your purchases and manage your accounts for the end of the year

All meal plans, FLEX plans, vending, and rollover plans are valid and may be used for purchases in the dining facilities through Saturday May 18, 2019.

Seniors and others who will be on campus during Senior Week: The figures on the meal plan usage signs on-line and in the Marketplace DO NOT include the week of May 12. If you will be on campus that week, please budget your purchases so you will have enough in your account to eat.



Student Account Charge Deadlines: (For Meal Plan Additions, FLEX, Laundry, Bookstore Bengal Bucks, and ID Cards):

Through Friday May 3, 4:30pm: Charges of any amount may be made on-line via MyOxy, Student Services tab, Student Business Services channel

Saturday May 4 - Friday May 10, 4:30pm: Cumulative charges of up to $300 for all purposes are permitted.

No charges for seniors will be accepted after May 10 at 4:30pm. Deposits made by cash and check (in the card office) are accepted until Commencement.

For a refund of remaining FLEX, Meal Plan Additions, Laundry or Bengal Bucks, please submit your request after graduation. Rollover accounts, original meal plan funds, and vending accounts are not refundable.

Your Student ID will not be valid after graduation. Purchase your Alumni Access Card for ongoing access to many of Oxy's services after you graduate. The Oxy Alumni Access Card provides you a form of identification for Oxy events, as well as ongoing access to the College library & computers, and check cashing privileges at the College Bookstore. The cost is a one-time fee of $20 with your current photo on file. If you would like a new photo taken for your Alumni Card, the cost will be $25. Your Alumni Access Card may be upgraded to access athletic facilities on lower campus for fee of $187.50 (75% off the regular rate - annual renewal fees apply after the first year). 

Reduce Oxy's carbon footprint and support sustainability on campus: Return your eco-clamshell to the Marketplace and bring your token to the Card Office - each token collected will be used to sponsor an incoming first year student free of charge.


If you are running out of Meal Money or would like to make an addition to any debit account, or purchase an ID card, the deadline to charge to your student account is 4:30pm on Friday May 10. Payments by cash or check are accepted in the Card Office any time (during regular business hours).

How's your balance? Check to see if you are on track, over or under!


ROLLOVER: If you anticipate having a large balance left over at the end of the semester, you may want to plan for a Rollover account. Rollovers can be useful if you move off campus, are here over the summer or winter break or move to a lower meal plan.


If you have a large balance and wish to spend it, please read the following guidelines:

If you plan to buy cases of products, the best place is the Marketplace. The Marketplace sells cases subject to supply on hand seven days a week. To buy cases, just ask any manager or cashier. While we increase our orders at this time of the year, we have storage limitations. Some items will run out, so PLEASE DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to make your purchases. Weekday mid-afternoons (except Thursdays) are the best time to buy in bulk.

The Tiger Cooler has very small storage facilities and we will limit purchases to keep stock on hand for regular business. The Tiger Cooler sells cases Monday-Thursday only. To buy cases, ask the counter person, manager or cashier.

Not all items are available for case purchase. We do not sell cases of bottled water. No cases or other products may be ordered in advance or put on hold for later pick up. We cannot lend out our carts so please bring enough person-power to transport your items. Food drives may not be organized through groups or by individuals from food items purchased in the dining facilities.

Caution: If you are leaving campus early and will have a balance left on your meal plan, please resist the temptation to give your ID card to a hungry friend. ID cards and meal plans are not transferable, and you will both be referred to the Conduct Process (yes, even graduating seniors). Our cashiers DO check ID cards to make sure that they are not being used fraudulently.

If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. Please contact the Card Office (cardoffice@oxy.edu) or Campus Dining (dining@oxy.edu).