Passover 2021 is observed from sundown Saturday Marcy 27  through sundown Sunday April 4

Campus Dining Offers "Passover Style" options!
We do not have a kosher kitchen, but we prepare selected menu items "Passover Style" (P). Campus Dining follows these Passover guidelines:
  • No grains of any kind.  Grains include wheat, rice, oats, quinoa, bulgar, kashi, etc..
  • No corn, beans, soy, peanuts; no oils or sauces made from any of these products.
  • No thickening or leavening agents, such as flour, corn starch, arrowroot, yeast, baking powder, soda.
  • No pork or shellfish.
  • Meat or poultry are not mixed with dairy products.
  • No distilled vinegar or red wine vinegar, no mustard.
  • If Passover items are prepared with oil, OLIVE OIL is used. If we need to fry an item, we use Cottonseed oil.
  • Utensils and grills are cleaned before preparing Passover items, and separate utensils are used for serving them.

Passover style options are labeled with the symbol (P)

The Marketplace (all meals)/ TTO (lunch)

  • Homestyle Station menus will include Passover style items.
  • The Grill Station will offer matzo brei, and poached eggs for breakfast & brunch.
  • Passover Style soups will be available.
  • The Bakery will offer macaroons, 2 for the price of a cookie (by request at TTO). 
  • Matzo will be available to substitute for bread upon request. Matzo may also be purchased separately at the same price as bread.
  • Our compostable flatware is made from Corn. If you would like plastic flatware instead, please ask the cashier or specify in the notes on your TTO order
  • Dining Facilities will be closed for Easter - Sunday April 4. Passover Style microwaveable meals will be available in the Marketplace on Saturday April 3.

If you have any questions about our Passover Style selections, please contact us. 


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