Passover Style Options in Campus Dining

Passover Style Options in Campus Dining

During Passover, Friday April 15 (Sundown) – Saturday April 23 (Sundown) Campus Dining will provide options for community members observing the holiday. We do not have a kosher kitchen, but we do prepare selected menu items “Passover Style” (P). We follow these guidelines:

No grains of any kind.  Grains include wheat, rice, oats, quinoa, bulgar, kashi, etc.

·No corn, beans, soy, peanuts; no oils or sauces made from any of these products.

·No thickening or leavening agents, such as flour, corn starch, arrowroot, yeast, baking powder, soda.

·No pork or shellfish.

·Meat or poultry are not mixed with dairy products. 

·No distilled vinegar or red wine vinegar; no mustard.

·If Passover style items are prepared with oil, OLIVE OIL is used. If we need to fry an item, we use Cottonseed oil.

·Utensils and grills are cleaned before preparing Passover style items, and separate utensils are used for serving them.

 The Marketplace: Homestyle Station menus will include Passover style items at lunch, brunch and dinner. The grill station will offer matzo brei, poached eggs, and scrambled eggs with lox for breakfast & brunch. A Passover style soup and deli salad will be offered each day. The bakery will offer Kosher for Passover Macaroons, two for the price of a cookie. Special desserts will be made occasionally. 

The Tiger Cooler: A Passover style dinner menu will be available both Saturday April 16 and Saturday April 23. Items available throughout: Passover style tuna salad and matzo crackers, individual matzo pizzas maybe requested made to order. The Heart Healthy plates (chicken and salmon) will have salads accompanied by Passover vinaigrette, as will the spring mix salad. 

 Berkus Hall Saturday Dinner: A Passover style dinner menu will be available on April 16.

 Berkus Hall Coffee Cart: The Coffee Cart will feature Passover Style salads and sides from 4 Café as well as entrees from the Tiger Cooler.

 Everywhere: Matzo will be available to substitute for bread upon request. Matzo may also be purchased separately at the same price as bread.

 All refreshment orders during this time will include Matzo and butter in the morning, macaroons in the afternoon, if cookies are ordered.

 If you are invited to a catered event, please notify Campus Dining directly in advance at (323) 259-2629 or that you would like a Passover alternative.