Tiger Cooler - “u should get better gluten free bagels. I like the trader joes ones!”

We appreciate the suggestion. However, Trader Joe's is not among our list of product suppliers. The Little Northern Bakehouse bagels offered at the Tiger Cooler have been quite popular, and the ingredients are consistent with the GF Bread and GF Buns also offered at the Tiger Cooler.

“The longevity noodles are so good, you should make them again sometime”

Thank you for letting us know and happy you enjoyed them. We will try and add them in again for a meal service in the near future!

Tiger Cooler - “I'm tired of my drink at the cooler being filled 2/3rds of the way fun then getting charged for a whole drink....”

We are sorry to hear that you may not be getting full value for your drink purchases. We will monitor how drinks are prepared at the coffee counter. There is always one or more supervisors on duty at the Tiger Cooler. If directed to the supervisor on duty, such issues can be addressed with the staff most promptly.

“Can we possibly have more hours/options on the weekends? Not everyone can afford to get takeout every weekend. With the Berkus diners and limited cooler menu happening on the same day there are barely any options on a lot of Saturdays.”

We hear you, it is possible that we look into the Tiger Cooler menu but the Tiger Cooler runs the same menu on the weekends as the weekdays and oftentimes has a Saturday Special. The Berkus Dinner is on a rotating menu, so there is a different menu every Saturday. 

“Usually I am a huge fan of the breakfast quiche, but this morning the leeks were definitely not washed well enough so the whole quiche had a very unpleasant, gritty mouth-feel”

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and letting us know that the quiche wasn't made well this particular morning. This product is sourced from a local bakery and delivered weekly. I will follow up with them and share your feedback.

“the scrambled eggs are weird and rubbery on the weekend. are they made differently or using a different egg mix? the eggs during the week are so much better and less rubbery”

We are using the same egg mix. We have spoken to the kitchen staff and we don’t suspect that this will happen in the future. 

“The chicken pizzas on Sunday Feb 19 at the cooler were incredible. The dough was better and I know that many of us would prefer chicken over always pepperoni or beef. Both the buffalo and Normal were incredible. Bravo Bravo. Do this again!!”

We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the pizza. On occasion, it is nice to be able to offer a specialty option - either for variety or to help utilize ingredients. Once we become more fully staffed, we hope to bring back more of our former toppings including chicken.

“I would love you to bring back the miso soup with seaweed, thai chicken basil (with eggplant and sweet potato as a vegetarian), Vietnamese turkey, poke bowl, shrimp and heart of palms ceviche, and the overnight oats (next to the fruit and served on weekends). The "Mush" containers have been selling out within the first day or two and it would be great if we could get more of those ordered. I recommend adding a pesto style sauce, quinoa, and sweet potato chunks to the salad bar. Thank you!”

We are happy to hear you are enjoying our food options. Many of these options are now part of a rotating menu cycle the kitchen has prepared, you should be able to enjoy these options soon. 
We didn’t expect the “mush” to be a big hit, but we have since upped our pars when ordering. 
The additions to the salad bar could be a possibility in the future, keep a lookout!

“The Cooler should serve milkshakes!!!”

At this time, the Tiger Cooler is trying to maintain its most basic products and services. Once we become more stable in our staffing, we will discuss options for the coffee counter - which could include completely new ideas.

“Is there any way there could be less oil and more vegetables added to the made-to-order pasta and stir fry? I enjoy the dishes very much but find it not as nutritious as I would like. Larger scoops of each vegetable would be really great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything Campus Dining does to keep Oxy well-fed!”

Thank you for your feedback. When ordering at the saute station you have the option to ask for less or no oil. We do have water available to steam the vegetables in the saucepan instead of sautéeing them in oil. We’d be happy to cook the order to your liking. 
The toppings at sauté are portioned based on four toppings per order. If you would like a bit more of a particular topping please let the cook know. 

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