Troubleshooting the GET App for IPhone

Is your GET app stuck on the blue opening screen?

The GET app is used to check your meal plan balances and order Tiger Takeout or Isolation Meals

If you are experiencing trouble with the GET app on your IPhone - specifically if the app is freezing on the blue opening screen, please try the following:

1. Remove and re-install the GET App onto your iPhone.
2. Login as normal.
3. When you're logged on, select "Settings" on the bottom right hand corner.
4. Under the "Account" section, select the "Email & Phone Number" option.
5. Type in your phone number and hit "Save Changes". You should see a notification at the top that says "Updated successfully".
6. Log out of the GET App and log in again. It should now be functioning normally.

If you try these steps and still experience difficulty with the GET app, please contact for additional troubleshooting support.