Tiger Takeout Menu

Tiger Takeout

Order your Marketplace favorites ahead of time, and select more items when you arrive for pickup on Branca Patio.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staffing limitations, modifications to the Marketplace menu  are not offered at Tiger Takeout. The Marketplace and Tiger Cooler offer cooked-to-order menu modifications for a variety of allergies and preferences. Have a food allergy or need a special diet? 

Tiger Takeout Storage and Reheating Instructions 

Homestyle of the Day (see Marketplace menu)
Today’s Lunch Combo – Omnivore
Today’s Lunch Combo – Meatless

Soup of the Day (see Marketplace menu)
Today’s Soup – Omnivore
Today’s Soup – Meatless

Monday through Thursday Only -  Saute of the Day  (see Marketplace menu)
Today’s Saute – Omnivore
Today’s Saute  – Meatless

Fridays Only - SLO Lunch Special see Marketplace menu)

Deli Salad of the Day (see Marketplace menu)
Garden Salad also available

Sandwiches  Sandwiches are prepared on vegan whole wheat bread. TTO does not offer modifications or substitutions.
PB & J: Peanut Butter and Strawberry Preserves (v)
Turkey and  Provolone Cheese (l)
Ham and Cheddar Cheese (l)
Tuna Salad (o)
Egg Salad (v) (o)
Tofu Spinach Wrap (v)

Other Items
Cut Fresh Fruit
Whole Avocado
Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Fruit (v) (l) (gf)
Soy Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Fruit (v) (gf)

At time of pickup select your condiments and purchase more items:
(You do not need to have placed an order to purchase these items - just walk up between 11am - 2pm!)
Seasonal Whole Fruit
Fresh Cut Vegetables
Packaged Snacks
Canned & Bottled Beverages
Instant Oatmeal
Cookies, Muffins, Desserts, Pastries


V: Vegetarian. Contains no dairy or egg products unless accompanied by L or O
L:  Lacto.  Contains dairy products, but no egg products unless accompanied by O
O:  Ovo.   Contains egg products, but no dairy products unless accompanied by L
SF:  Item which contains shellfish or shellfish ingredients
GF: Gluten-free.
Nuts:  Will identify specific nut(s)