Leslie Torres

Behind the Thick Eyeliner: A retelling of intergenerational Chola culture

Faculty Mentor: Allison de Fren, Media Arts & Culture Department

Major: Media Arts & Culture, Critical Theory & Social Justice

Funding: Arts and Urban Experience Mellon



Over the past decade, chola makeup has become increasingly popular in mainstream media due to its adoption by A-list celebrities, musicians, and actors like Lana del Rey, Nicki Minaj, and Gwen Stefani. Despite its presence in mainstream media, there has been a disconnection between the origins of this makeup style and its significance within chola culture in Chicanx diasporas in Los Angeles. During the course of the following project, I conducted a total of 8 interviews were with womxn and men within the Chicanx community to speak about the intergenerational and intercultural dynamics and shifts drawn out by chola make-up in their own lives, within the Latinx community, in media, and in American society at large. The questions revolved around their relationships and associations with chola make-up, the politicized history of the chola and the Pachuca culture, and also questioned the evolving role of small Latinx-owned make-up businesses in the movement towards reclaiming chola make-up. Further, it examines the interviewees’ thoughts on the cultural appropriation of chola makeup into mainstream media and the increasing shift towards Eurocentric cosmetic styles in local Chicanx communities.


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