Faculty Support

Faculty member Broderick Fox speaks to student Brendan Galbreath in an office full of books

The URC supports faculty mentorship through our Student Research Assistantship Program, by providing summer room and board funding for students conducting Faculty Sponsored Research, and with resources for professional development both on and off campus.

Student Research Assistantship Program


The URC provides funding for faculty to hire Student Research Assistants during the academic year. This program has two related purposes: (i) To provide valuable learning opportunities and financial assistance to students by creating opportunities for academic year faculty-mentored research, and (ii) to support faculty in their research and creative and scholarly work. 


All full-time students in academic good standing are eligible to apply. All full-time faculty are eligible to apply.


Each faculty member may apply for up to 60 total hours of student research time each semester. 

Students will be paid a study award equivalent to $15.00 per hour. 

Funding priority will be given to applications from: 

  • Faculty who do not have extramural grants or department endowments that support student research assistance,
  • Faculty who have not been previously funded through this program,
  • Untenured, tenure-track faculty,
  • Sophomore or junior year students, 
  • Transfer students,
  • Students who do not have previous faculty mentored research experience,
  • Students who are underrepresented in the relevant field of study. 

This program is intended to provide students a substantive research experience; SRAs cannot be used as general clerical help or as direct teaching support. SRAs can assist in areas such as, but not limited to, library research, data collection and analysis, preparation of manuscripts, for both scholarly and pedagogical research projects.  

Faculty and students funded by the program are expected to participate in a "Lightning Talk Reception" on their research in November (Fall SRAP) or April (Spring SRAP).


Faculty should submit a complete application together with their pre-selected student. 

Applications for Fall 2021 are due September 3, 2021
(acceptance notification by September 10)

Applications for Spring 2022 are due January 7, 2022
(acceptance notification by January 14)

Supplemental Summer Funding for Faculty Sponsored Student Researchers


The URC provides supplemental funding for faculty who have external grants or other funding for  student research participation in the Summer Research Program to cover the cost of student on-campus room and board (subsidized based on student financial need). 

The application will ask faculty to provide the name of the student to be supported. (Note: Students funded through Faculty Sponsored Research should not submit applications for the Summer Research Program Fellowship.) 

Eligibility and Funding Priorities

All full-time faculty who have received external funding to support student SRP participants are eligible to apply. 

Priority will be given to those whose granting agencies do not cover student room and board, those who have not been previously funded through this program, and untenured, tenure-track faculty members.

Applications for Summer 2022 are due February 25, 2022

Professional Development Opportunities

The URC has (limited) funding available for faculty to attend undergraduate research mentoring conferences, workshops, or other opportunities that support their professional development as faculty mentors. If you have identified a particular conference or workshop that would support your work with undergraduate student researchers, please submit an application no later than 4 weeks prior to the date of the event

The URC also facilitates Faculty Learning Communities and other on-campus workshops. 

2021-2022 Faculty Learning Communities

Integrating Research Ethics and Social Responsibility into Course-Based Research Experiences

This learning community will meet 6 times throughout the academic year to discuss best-practices and new approaches to integrating research ethics and social responsibility into course-based research experiences across the curriculum. Participants will be expected to develop and assess a new module, supplement, or assignment for a course they are scheduled to teach in AY 2022-2023.

Participants will receive a $700 stipend for participation and will be eligible for up to $300 each for materials for the development or execution of their new course content. 

Applications due September 17, 2021

Developing Best Practices for Student Mentoring

This learning community will meet 6 times throughout the academic year to create a new working document for the URC on best practices for student mentoring and a manual for faculty mentorship across the URC’s programs with special attention to the Summer Research Program. We hope to have broad disciplinary representation and faculty with different levels of prior experience with the URC programs. 

Participants will receive a $600 stipend for participation.  

Applications due September 17, 2021