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The URC provides funds to support projects and/or travel involving independent research or study with a significant intercultural or international emphasis through the ASP Research Travel program.

To learn about the experiences of one recent recipient of an ASP Research Travel award, read Ian Van Dusen's blog post [geology major, class of 2020].

ASP Research Travel Grant Funding, Eligibility, Requirements

ASP Research Travel awards will support Academic Student Projects that require travel but are smaller in scope than traditional study abroad or off-campus learning opportunities (such as a semester abroad, the Kahane Oxy-at-the-U.N. Program, or the summer Richter Research Abroad awards). 

These awards might provide funding for short-term travel to interview a particular population, observe natural or cultural events, or consult a specialized archive. ASP Research Travel funds cannot be used to support an internship or to pay tuition at another institution. Other restrictions may apply. 

Full-time degree-seeking students from any major are encouraged to apply. 

  • Related Interdisciplinary project proposals are encouraged, but each student must apply individually and each project must be able to be carried out independently in case the related project is not approved.
  • Students selected for an award with international travel must comply with the College's clearance process using IPO's Oxy Global Projects Clearance and must be completed 6 weeks before the departure date.
  • Students may also apply for other college-supported funding (Young fund, etc), but this must be disclosed in applications. Budget pages should include information about any other college funding that has been secured, promised, or applied for.
  • The College does not promise to approve travel requests to all countries. The College expressly prohibits travel to level 3 or 4 locations. Applications may be declined or prior approval rescinded if we determine the proposed travel will subject the student to significant risk.  For further details about the Student Travel Abroad Policy visit the IPO website, click here.
  • Note: If your project requires IRB approval, you must forward the approval before we release the funds.

Funding is limited and grants are typically in the $1000-$2000 range. In exceptional circumstances, grant requests totaling more than the range may be considered. 

Proposals will only be considered for travel during the winter, spring, or summer breaks.

Be advised that international travel approval can take up to 4-6 weeks and the funds cannot be released by the college until travel clearance is obtained. Note: If your project requires IRB approval, you must forward the approval before we release the funds.


Please note that getting approval for international travel can be a lengthy process that can take up to six weeks. This includes the URC review, IPO travel clearance process, and IRB approval before final approval is granted. Once the URC has approved conditional funding, you must fulfill any necessary IRB and mandatory IPO travel clearance requirements (if required) before your travel is authorized. Note that if IRB approval is needed, their final meeting is on April 18, and applications to IRB must be submitted two weeks before that.

Please take note of the following deadlines for Winter, Spring, and Summer Breaks:

  • For Winter Break projects: The deadline is closed. 
  • For Spring Break projects, the deadline is January 29, 2024.
  • For Summer Break projects, the deadline is April 8, 2024, or six weeks prior if your proposed travel is in May 2024.

The final report is due no later than two weeks after you return from your travel. 

See the URC’s Applications & Reports Portal for full application instructions and submission. 

We will only consider applicants who have met the necessary IRB and international travel clearance requirements if required.


Contact Undergraduate Research Center

2nd floor, Old Wing, Room 253A