Student and faculty mentor in the chemistry lab

The Research Early Access Program (REAP) supports rising sophomore students to participate in Occidental’s 10-week Summer Research Program and complete faculty-mentored research in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, geology, physics, or psychology. REAP fellows also participate in talks and programming throughout the subsequent academic year.

About the REAP Fellowship

The program is open to all rising sophomores interested in the sciences of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, geology, and physics. Priority will be given to students who are the first in their families to attend collegelow income students, and students who had limited access to lab science instruction in their high school programs

Fellows receive: 

  • Study award of $6000. 
  • Subsidized on-campus housing and meal plan based on financial need.


To apply, complete the application found on the URC’s Applications & Reports Portal, including a personal statement explaining your interest in the program and how your experiences have shaped your interest in science.

The applications will open on February 20, 2024 .

Applications due on  March 21, 2024 at 5:00pm

Recent Recipients


  • Katharine Amsden [mentor: Raul Navaro, Chemistry]
  • Spencer Anderson [mentor: Andrew Udit, Biochemistry]
  • Allison Bello [mentor: Jeffrey Cannon]
  • Naomi Bonilla [mentor: Roberta Pollock & Karen Molinder, Biology]
  • Norely Breceda-Mendoza [mentor: Amber Stubler, Biology]
  • Dominique Cabading [mentor: John McCormack, Biology]
  • Vanessa Escobar [mentor: Joseph Schulz, Biology]
  • Emri Espinoza Hernandez [mentor: Gretchen North, Biology]
  • Joshua Hamlett [mentor: Kerry Thompson, Biology]
  • Jackie Hu [mentor: Andrew Udit, Biochemistry]
  • Princess Leus [mentor: Sabrina Stierwalt, Physics]
  • Oseil Madrid [mentor Dan Pondella, Biology]
  • Radhika Patel [mentor: Roberta Pollock & Karen Molinder, Biology]
  • July Paw [mentor: Dan Pondella, Biology]
  • Shyam Rahim [mentor: Amanda Zellmer, Biology]
  • Itzel Rodarte Muñoz [mentor: Kerry Thompson, Biology]
  • Audrey Sohn [mentor: Amanda Zellmer, Biology]
  • Caroline Vanderloo [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]


  • Mario Alvarado [mentor: Raul Navaro, Chemistry]
  • Ilana Baum [mentor: Dan Pondella, Biology]
  • Lily Gebhart [mentor: Daniel Snowden-Ifft, Physics]
  • Eleanor Goddard [mentor: Andrew Udit, Chemistry]
  • Zelie Goldbert Little [mentor: Sabrina Stierwalt, Physics]
  • Makayla Iliscupidez [mentor: Adrewn Udit, Chemistry]
  • Jule Kilgore-Reed [mentor: Shana Goffredi, Biology]
  • Isabella Lambert [mentor: Joseph Schulz, Biology]
  • Songhee Lee [mentor: Jeffrey Cannon, Chemistry]
  • Evelyn Lorch [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
  • Marisa Mow [mentor: Dan Pondella, Biology]
  • Alex Moye [mentor: Andrew Udit, Chemistry]
  • Lauren Samaniego [mentor: Amber Stubler, Biology]
  • Sarah Titcombe [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
  • Samuel Villescas [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
  • Tatiana Washington [mentor: John McCormack, Biology]


  • Ishan Ashford [mentor: Christopher Oze, Geology]
  • Chester Cahill [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
  • Ling Chen [mentor: Janet Scheel, Physics]
  • Arelí Fernandez Orozco [mentor: Joseph Schulz, Biology]
  • Amanda Iglesias [mentor: Andrew Udit, Chemistry]
  • Rachel Iskanian [mentor: Shana Goffredi, Biology]
  • Kel Kline [mentor: Gretchen North, Biology]
  • Zerlina Lai [mentor: John McCormack, Biology]
  • Mashly Martinez [mentor: Andrew Udit, Chemistry]
  • Melina Sanchez [mentor: John McCormack, Biology] 
  • Ella Surposa [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
  • Aaliyah Washington [mentor: Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Chemistry]
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