Mary S. Caswell Fund for Summer Research

A student wearing a lab coat, gloves, and mask holds a beaker in a science lab

This fund supports students who are residents of Los Angeles to participate Undergraduate Research Center’s Summer Research Program.

About Mary S. Caldwell

Mary S. Caldwell (1847-1924) was an American educator and writer. She was founder of the Marlborough School in Los Angeles, currently the oldest independent girls’ school in Southern California. 

About the Fellowship

This fellowship supports students from the greater Los Angeles area to conduct 10-weeks of faculty-mentored research through the URC Summer Research Program. 

Fellows will receive:

  • Study award of $4,5000. 
  • Subsidized on-campus housing and meal plan based on financial need. 
  • Up to $400 in consumable materials (itemized budget due with application).


Funding is restricted to Los Angeles residents, and funding priority will be given to students who are Pell-grant eligible. Please contact the URC at for more information about eligibility. 

Interested students should apply using the Summer Research Program Fellowship process. 

Applications are due on January 31, 2022.

Recent Recipients


Brenna Knapp (Kinesiology, ‘22), “COVID-19 Induced Changes in Physical Activity at Public Parks in Los Angeles County” [mentor: Marcella Raney]

Sebastian Lechner (Physics, ‘24), “Development of a GEM based muon detector” [mentor: Daniel Snowden-Ifft & Jean-Luc Gauvreau]

Jack Leonard (Chemistry, ‘22), “Maintaining Cell Viability during the Electromechanical Reshaping of Cartilage” [mentor: Michael Hill]

Bia Pinho (CSLC, ‘23), “From Oppression to Depression: How Do We Deal with Pain?) [mentor: Stephen Klemm]

Joanne Yi (Biology, ‘22), “Recognition of Prey E. coli with Different Number of Phosphates on its Lipid A by Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus” [mentor: Eileen Spain]


Sofia Yujin Yang (Chemistry & Computer Science, ‘21), “Stereoselective Synthesis of Indolizidine Alkaloids” [mentor: Jeffrey Cannon]


Matt Major (CSLC, ‘21), “Explaining the Joke: A Case for the Comedic in an Unfunny Time” [mentor: Damian Stocking]


Emily Tran (Computer Science, ‘19), “Identifying and Extracting Product-Specific and Domain-Specific Words from Mozilla Bug Summaries” [mentor: Celia Chen]

Olivia Wilk (DWA & East Asian Studies, ‘19), “Cultural Production and State Power: An Analysis of the PRC’s Intervention in the Chinese Music Industry” [mentor: Alexander Day]