This program is open to Juniors majoring in Politics, DWA, Economics or UEP and will provide a stipend for full time research on a public policy issue of importance to Los Angeles or the United States.

The program stipend will offer (1) financial support for 10 weeks of on-campus summer housing or (2) funds for research-related travel. For more information contact, Regina Freer, Politics Dept. Chair, or the URC.

Interested students should apply using the Occidental Summer Research Program process. Applications are due on February 1, 2023, by 5:00 pm via the URC Summer Research Program Application form. If the student researcher will be traveling during the summer, then subsidized on-campus room and board will not be available, so applicants should carefully outline their travel plans or housing needs in the proposal. 

If possible, fellows should present their work at the Oxy end-of-summer conference and at the fall SCCUR conference. Fellows are expected to submit an abstract to at the conclusion of their research. Additional funds will be provided in the fellows' Senior year to permit travel for the presentation of their work in a way that attempts to influence policy. Questions about the application process can be directed to the Undergraduate Research Center.

Previous Gerken Fellows


Jennifer Baidon Carrillo Spanish and Bilingualism in the US: A Study on New Generation Latinos

Hannah Christensen Love Thy Neighbor? Evangelicalism and US Refugee Policy for Iraq and Syria


Mary Hancock, The Effects of Rail Expansion on the Labor Market Outcomes of Disabled People

Sophia Laycock, How an Increase in Childcare Burden Affects Time Use Decisions and Labor Market Outcomes of Married Mothers and Fathers: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic


Mia Hernandez, Miguel the Criminal, Jimena the Refugee: How an Immigrant’s Gender and Reasons for Migrating Affect Public Opinion on Immigration


Cassandra Carter, Creating an Olympic Legacy: How investment in the Games can leave an impact on affordable housing in Los Angeles


David Mariscal, Study of New Minimum Wage Law on Low-Income Workers in the City of Pasadena


Dayja Tillman, Domestic Violence in the Dominican Republic


Kevin Liu, Getting Out the Information: Informing Asian-American Voters


Elwyn Pratt, LAUSD Greening Spatial Analysis


Alana Murphy, Restorative Justice: How the Right Discipline in Schools Can Help Battle Racism


Mark Silva, Public Interest Law in Los Angeles Through a Rebellious Vision


Jacqueline Adorni, Queers in Pink Keffiyehs: The Motivations of Radical Queer Activists

Christine Jones, The Effects of Teach for America on the Los Angeles Unified School District: Do You get What You Pay For?

Daniel Rosales, Scandinavia and the Success of Socialism


Mackenzie Israel-Trummel, Disaster Politics: Assessing the Impact on Student Relief Workers in Post-Katrina New Orleans


Kenneth Smutny, Application of Entrepreneurial Finance to the Nonprofit Sector of the Czech Republic


Josephine Kalika, Russian Immigrant Artists' Success as a Function of the Relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union

Emily Rasmussen, Artist Identity and Allegiance: National vs. Imagined Communities


Asen Hristov, Bulgaria's Euro-integration: A Crucial Factor for Stabilization and Sustained Growth


Maria Stoyadinova, Russia's Impact on Eastern European Transition


Drenusha Kusari, Immigration, Unemployment, and Optimum Currency Options: Implications for the enlargement of the European Union


Caspar Oswald, Contemporary Anglo-American Foreign Policy & Iraq


David Flores, Mental Health Services for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness


Bianca Karim, Women in Armed Conflict: The Story of Kosovo

Matthew Tompkins, The Nature and Future of European Security Integration


Justin Anderson


Brett Neeley


Eddie Jauregui


Toby Dalton

Contact Undergraduate Research Center

2nd floor, Old Wing, Room 253A