End of semester meal plan information

All meal money(board) plans are valid through Wednesday December 14, 2022. You may check your remaining balance at the cashier stand, or by enrolling in GET: https://get.cbord.com. Please take a moment to check out the meal plan usage signs posted in the Marketplace, or to look at the chart on the website under MEAL PLANS.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Individuals and groups may not organize charity drives for the purpose of donating food obtained from any of the dining facilities (Oxy is a member of the EFRT and there is a process in place for donating leftover food). If you are leaving campus early, please resist the temptation to give your ID card to a hungry friend. ID cards and meal plans are not transferable, and you will both be referred to the Conduct process. Our cashiers check ID cards to make sure that they are not being used fraudulently.


DEPLETED FUNDS: If you deplete all your meal plan and vending funds (see below) you may add deposits via MyOxy [Student Services, Student Business Services, Debit Account Deposit Form] and still receive your 50% discount this year. Unspent additions to meal plans are not lost. Additions remaining at the end of the semester will be transferred to Rollover (Plans A+, A & B) or FLEX (Plans C & D) for continuing usage.


ROLLOVER - FOR RETURNING STUDENTS: If you are on meal plan A+, A or B and anticipate having a large balance left over at the end of the semester, you may want to maximize your Rollover account.  Rollover accounts can be very useful if you move off campus, need to dine over winter or summer break, or move to a lower meal plan. For details on rollover visit Rollover Accounts 2022- 2023


VENDING FUNDS: All meal plans have a vending account included ($80 for A+, A & B, $50 for C, $30 for D). You may check this balance at any cashier stand, via MANAGE MY ID, or at the vending machines with card access - you don't need to make a purchase. If you deplete all your meal money, funds will automatically begin drawing from available vending funds. If you are on plan A+, A or B and have funds remaining in vending at the end of the semester, these funds will be added to your balance for Rollover calculations.


That said, if you anticipate a surplus remaining balance and wish to spend it, please read the following guidelines: If you plan to buy cases of products, your best bet is the Marketplace. We sell cases, subject to supply on hand, seven days a week. To buy cases, ask any manager or cashier. While we increase our orders at the end of the semester, we have storage limitations. Some items will run out, so DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOUR LAST DAY ON CAMPUS to make your purchases. Weekday mid-afternoons (except Thursdays) are the best time to buy in bulk. In the interest of sustainability, the Marketplace and Tiger Cooler do not sell cases of water.


The Tiger Cooler has very small storage facilities and we limit purchases to keep stock on hand for regular business. The Tiger Cooler sells cases only Monday-Thursday. To buy cases, ask the counter person, manager or cashier.


Not all items are available for case purchase. No cases or other products may be ordered in advance or put on hold for later pick up. We cannot lend out carts for transportation so please bring enough person-power to carry your purchases.



Contact Campus Dining
Johnson Student Center

2nd Floor