Peter Elia

Blue Straggler Stars in the Globular Cluster Omega Centauri

Mentor: Charles Oravec, Physics Department

Major: Physics, Mathematics

Funding: Undergraduate Research Center Summer Research Fellowship


Faint blue straggler stars (FBSS) in the galactic globular cluster (GC) Omega Centauri were analyzed using data from P.B. Stetson's catalogue of GC photometry crossmatched with proper motions from Gaia DR2. Based on stellar evolution modelling and analysis of UV excesses, the FBSS were found to exhibit an origin consistent with formation in the metal-rich (MR/a)anomalous sub-population in Omega Centauri, as opposed to the luminous blue straggler stars (LBSS) which have an origin more consistent with the metal-poor and metal-intermediate populations (MP and MInt).

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