Academic Student Projects

The College maintains a fund for support of small academic projects performed by full-time degree-seeking students during the academic year. These funds may be used for consumable research supplies for an independent study project or comps research.

Supplies for art, video and performance projects, oral history, compensation for research participants and educational outreach in the local community may also be funded. Projects must be primarily academic in nature, although not-for-credit activities can sometimes receive support. Funds will be awarded to students on a competitive basis. Grants are limited to a max of $300 per project. The ASP grant is not intended to be the sole support for any project. Each student is limited to one ASP grant per academic year.

Students applying for support need to take ownership for their projects and any secondary requirements, such as IRB approval, are the responsibility of the student who proposed the project. Funds will not be released until all application requirements are met, and student accounts may be charged back for the full amount of the award unless all final reporting requirements are met.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm (PDT/PST) on due date.

For Fall Semester 2020 projects:
September 28, 2020

For Spring Semester 2021 projects:
February 1, 2021 deadline extended until March 4, 2021

The Fall funded projects final reports are due January 15, 2021 and the Spring funded projects reports are due May 10, 2021.

TO APPLY: Complete the Fall 2020 -Spring 2021 ASP Application form. (The form is only accessible to the Oxy community so you will need to be signed in to your Oxy email.) Be sure to complete the required form and attach the following proposal, personal statement and budget as a a single Word or PDF file. 

  • Project proposal, is limited to two pages, and written by the student. The research proposal must begin with a clear, one sentence research question or project goal that you expect to address through your project. This should be followed by an elaboration of the project, discussion of its importance, explanation of the methodology you expect to use, a review of prior investigations by you or others, and literature citations where appropriate (for tables, figures, and quotes). Pursuant to federal law and College policy, all research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the College’s Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC). Research involving vertebrate animals or potential biohazards must also be reviewed by the appropriate committee (IACUC or Biosafety)
  • Personal statement, is limited to two pages, describing prior work which prepares the student for the proposed project and the importance of the proposed activity to the student's intellectual or professional development.
  • Budget, is limited to one page. Grants are limited to a max of $300 and not intended to be the sole support for any project. The budget should include an itemized list of all costs of the project. Budgets should also reflect the total cost of the project and funding expected from other sources.
  • Your mentor is required to complete the Faculty Recommendation for ASP funding form.

All required components of the application packet must be saved into one single PDF file and uploaded directly with the application form. Do not submit or email the files separately. Prior to upload save your proposal, personal statement and budget as: Last name, First Name ASP app.pdf. Submit the form by 5:00 pm (PDT/PST) on due date.

Applications will be reviewed by the URC Department Coordinator and award letters will be e-mailed to both the student and the faculty advisor.


All work on the project must be completed within the academic year in which the grant is awarded. A report on the work at its conclusion is required. This report must be submitted using our fillable PDF ASP Report Form. You may need to need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader in order to be able to fill it in via Adobe Acrobat. The Report Form requires responses to several questions and asks for a 1-page summary of your research experience. Use that page to highlight what you did, or learned, or to share how this work fits in to part of a larger research plan. Remember that we already read your proposal, so this report should focus on the outcomes and, even if your research was not successful, just tell us what happened and what you learned during the process. These reports should be submitted by the date specified in your award letter and returned by e-mail to Note that if your mentor requires you to submit a report of any length on this project you may send us a copy of that report and skip the one-page summary. However, you must still complete and return the rest of the Report Form to the URC! The Report Form is designed to be a fillable PDF and handwritten reports will not be accepted. Failure to turn in a report will disqualify applicants from consideration for additional/future grants and may result in the student's account being charged back for the full amount of the grant.