ASP Conference Travel

Many scholarly organizations offer students the opportunity to present their results at local or regional meetings or conferences

Note, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is important to follow up with the URC prior to submitting an application to request funding for travel to present at a conference. Further modifications to travel are currently under review for the upcoming academic year. We will update this webpage as more information is available.

A limited amount of funding is available for students to attend conferences for presentation of results of their academic projects. Funds are disbursed as applications are received, so it is possible that the ASP Conference Travel Fund will be fully expended by the end of each academic year. Be sure to apply as soon as you know you have been accepted to present at a conference so you are not disappointed to learn that no funds remain!

Modest conference fees and travel expenses are available upon application to the URC for students who are presenting the results of their research work. We are sorry, we cannot offer support to students who wish to attend but not present at a conference.

The work to be presented must have been completed while the student was an Occidental student (including summer programs at Occidental and other institutions). ASP Conference Travel grants are typically limited to $500 per project. The ASP Conference Travel grant is not intended to be the sole support for any project. Students are welcome to apply to other on-campus funding sources but must advise the URC of that up-front. ASP conference travel budgets should include any other funding (both source and amount) that has been applied for, anticipated or promised. Departments should offer students assistance whenever possible and it is likely that students will have to make some level of personal contribution, too. Students should also check into funding grants through the conference organizers - many conferences have a pool of money to distribute to student presenters. The URC expects students will apply for such funding if available.

Only limited funding for travel expenses is available. In order to make this opportunity available to more students, long-distance travel (including to the East Coast) is generally not supported by this fund; however, if funds are available and there are no appropriate West Coast conferences, we will consider long-distance travel so, please go ahead and apply if you and your mentor determine that the distant conference is the best option for you to present your work. Your mentor should address that matter in his or her letter of support.

Please note: Each student is limited to one ASP Conference grant per academic year and, in most circumstances, will not receive funding to present for a second time at the same conference in subsequent years. Also, each student must be individually presenting his or her own work. Group presentations for one poster or paper will not be supported.

The application for support must be submitted at least four weeks before the conference, and documentation of the student's acceptance as a presenter must be included.

The final day to submit an ASP Conference Travel application for the 2019-20 Academic Year is April 24, 2020 by 4:00 pm.


To apply, a student should complete the Cover sheet. The application form must be submitted with the following items:

  • Project abstract (one page)
  • Personal statement (one page)
  • Copy of conference announcement
  • Copy of student's acceptance to the conference as a presenter
  • Detailed budget of expenses (including references to any other college-supported funds to which student has applied or from which student has been promised funds)
  • A copy of your “Grades & Academic Records” available via myOXY > Academics > My Academic Records > Grades & Academic Records. Click print and attach to proposal.
  • Required Mentor Recommendation form from project advisor

The abstract must be the same abstract that was submitted to the conference. The personal statement should describe the importance of the proposed conference participation to the student's intellectual or professional development.


After the conference, awardees must submit their boarding passes and other receipts and the ASP Conference Travel Report Form. This is a fillable PDF form; hand-written reports will not be accepted. You may need to need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader in order to be able to fill it in via Adobe Acrobat. The report form asks for responses to questions we want to assess and includes room for a one page summary of the experience - the value of the presentation experience and any other outcomes that seem noteworthy. This report should be submitted no later than one month after the completion date of the travel and may be turned in in-person (with receipts attached) or submitted by e-mail to, with receipts turned in separately.

 For detailed info on the annual Southern California Conference of Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) and National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) ** please visit our Presenting your Research page.

** Please note re: NCUR and NCRC: In order to make the opportunity to present at NCUR or NCRC available to as many students as possible, the URC will only fund students once during their undergraduate experience. Once a student has presented at NCUR or NCRC, repeat applications for support will not be considered. Students, particularly those majoring in the sciences, are encouraged to consider presenting at professional conferences or annual meetings in lieu of NCUR; Science Scholars may not present at NCUR.

Additionally, that you may only receive funding from the URC for either NCRC or NCUR. Unfortunately, the URC does not have the funds to provide funding for students who wish to present at multiple conferences in one year. SCCUR is an exception.