URC Faculty & Staff

The URC reports to the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs.

Academic year proposals are reviewed by the staff and funding is confirmed by the director. A committee of faculty, assisted by staff reviewers, reads and evaluates summer research proposals and makes recommendations for funding.

Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs/Interim URC Director:

Department Coordinator:

Prof. Ron Buckmire, x2536

Karla J. Hernández, x1414

Undergraduate Research  

2019-20 Committee Reviewers:

Chair: Andrew Shtulman, Psychology 

Ex officio: Ron Buckmire, Mathematics

Phillip M. Ayoub, Diplomacy & World Affairs

Treena Basu, Mathematics

Laura Hebert, Diplomacy & World Affairs

Maryanne Horowitz, History

Diana Ngo, Economics

Joseph Schulz, Biology

Jean Wyatt, English & Comparative Lit. Studies