The Homecoming Schedule

Homecoming at Oxy is a joyful weekend full of reunions, celebrations, and activities. Sports teams play important games and our choir performs their first concert. Accordingly, we asked representatives from a few different groups on campus what homecoming means to them:


“My name is Lauren Duffy and I am a senior on the volleyball team. Homecoming is one of my favorite weekends of the school year because it’s a time when everyone comes together as a proud member of the Oxy community and celebrates the friendships we have created and achievements we have made with each other. It is so much fun to meet Oxy alumni and see the tremendous successes they have accomplished in life after Oxy. A fun tradition our volleyball team does is host an alumni game where all the players that have graduated from our team in past years play against the current team! I am especially excited for this year’s alumni game because most of the players coming are my really good friends who I haven’t seen in a while and I can’t wait to catch up with them!” -Lauren Duffy

Glee Club

"I am a member of the Occidental College Glee Club which dates back over 100 years. We are Oxy's top audition choir; we sing all sorts of music for our own concerts and other events on campus. Every year, the homecoming concert is the first formal performance of that year's Glee Club. Moreover, alumni are welcomed to the stage for the concert's last song. Accordingly, homecoming is symbolic of the coming together of the new and returning members of Glee, the roots of our choir, and the joy of music at Oxy." -Adelia Nunn

Men's Soccer

“My name is Matthew Teplitz, and I'm a junior forward on the Men's Soccer team. I'd say that homecoming is a really special moment in the year for everyone on campus, but particularly for athletes. We get to show off everything that we've worked on for months in front of crowds that are full of our friends and family -- which is what college sports are all about. For the soccer team specifically, we're on a winning streak and looking to keep our momentum going forward hopefully into the playoffs, so homecoming will be a wonderful way to springboard into the last part of our season. Additionally, given all the competitions and events going on around campus, we'll be able to support all of our friends in their various athletic and non-athletic ventures.” -Matthew Teplitz

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