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Student Voices is a blog run by the Admission Office in which current students write about their experiences with academics, sports, student groups, and other extracurricular activities. Considering Oxy? Hear what our students have to say.

November 23, 2013

I was seven years old. It was cold outside for the first time all year, so I got out of bed to snag an extra blanket from the hall closet. I opened the closet door and my eyes were immediately drawn to a small box on the middle shelf.


July 19, 2013

Happy summer, everyone! I write to you from my home country, Taiwan, where I will be spending the rest of my summer. While Taiwan is certainly an awesome place to be, things can get old, especially when spending more than two months here.

April 13, 2013


Hellooo everyone!! It’s been a while!

April 7, 2013

As a musician at Oxy, I have been offered a plethora of opportunities to not only continue my interest in music, but also work with awesome students, faculty, and alumni organizations! Here are just a few awesome music/instrument-related things Oxy has given me!

April 4, 2013

Wait, what? *cough*

January 17, 2013

My semester in Salamanca, Spain, has come to an end, but I thought I would look back at my time here. This post will reflect on newly discovered Spanish culture and can be a guide for students who decide to study abroad in Spain.

December 2, 2012


November 14, 2012

Hey everyone! It’s Maddy, back reporting for duty. Since the last time I wrote, I got through my first round of midterms, attended what some would consider a concert (I’d call it a claustrophobic death-trap), discovered that TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! is a real thing, and watched the sunrise shine upon Michael Cera’s beautiful face. So basically nothing out of the ordinary.