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Study abroad is neither an entitlement nor a requirement of an Oxy degree.

Each semester Oxy allocates approximately 80 places for students who demonstrate eligibility for a challenging academic and intercultural experience. Selection can be competitive.

Application  - UNDER REVISION! CHECK BACK 7/1/24

Class of 2026 - deadline for Spring 2025

Application process for Study Abroad or D.C. internships
Apply September 27, 2024   Study Abroad/DC Spring 2025
(Note: deadline passed 
3/4/24 for France, Italy, Spain, Galapagos, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. No exceptions.)

Class of 2027 -  deadlines

Application process for Study Abroad or D.C. internships during 2025-2026 (junior year)
 Apply November 15, 2024  Study Abroad/DC Fall 2025
 Apply April 1, 2025 Study Abroad/DC Spring 2026



  • Carefully check eligibility requirements including language or area-studies prerequisites!  
  • Think deeply and research thoroughly to be able to answer these essay prompts.
  • Declare your major and consult your advisor to determine the best time and relevant courses, such as these.
  • Do your research:  Talk to Oxy returnees. Contact the program if no Oxy returnee is available, reference student evaluations.
  • Stay open: Identify programs that work best for your academic and personal development, as well as that, meets the college standards.

- Ability to read and follow instructions, meet deadlines, respond in a timely and professional manner to communication from program and college officials.

- Enrolled full-time at Oxy the semester prior to participation.

- Junior or senior status while abroad.

- Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application and B- grades in major courses and program prerequisites.

- No incomplete grades the semester prior to participation.

- All published criteria of the specific program. Search here.

- Neither on academic or disciplinary probation nor under investigation for violations which may result in probation between application and departure.

- All holds cleared with campus departments and offices before leaving campus.


Contact International Programs
McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, Johnson 102