Gotta Get Back to Oxy!

By Adelia Nunn ’21

It has been a summer full of tours, reading and socializing. But the prospect of returning to campus for a new semester is a compelling one.

The Hike to the Hollywood Sign
As a Russian Literature and Music double major, this summer I stayed at Oxy and worked at the Admission’s Office full-time in addition to taking an online music course. I also explored the city, went to concerts, found off-campus housing for the year, and spent a lot of time with friends. Despite all the fun, I am so excited for the year to start up again. My friends who went home over the summer are back in LA, emails from new courses are piling up in my inbox, and first semester preparations have begun. 

One aspect of the beginning of each semester at Oxy is connecting with the people you have missed during vacation. I’ve already had individual meals and outings with 15 friends who were gone the last 3 months. The best part of these reunions is that there is no level of awkwardness; the conversations are meaningful, hilarious, and intricate from the moment the meet-ups begin. Furthermore, with all of the first years and transfers now on campus, there is ample opportunity to sit down in the dining hall and develop new friendships.

I am also thrilled for my courses this semester. Classes just started; yet, I’ve already learned a lot. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be the most academically fulfilling one I’ve had so far. Since I am a junior, I’m beginning to take the high-level, specialized courses within my majors; these advanced classes should allow me to explore my passions at a deeper level. For my Russian Comparative Literature major, I am taking an independent study where I will be reading literature in the original Russian language.

Excitement among friends!
Finally, this time of year is full of preparing for the events to come. As President of Active Minds and Zeta Tau Zeta, I am planning for club meetings, helping organize Greek recruitment, and spreading information about these organizations to as many new Tigers as possible. Each semester, Oxy has a student involvement fair that showcases every club. The fair ensures that Oxy students can learn about and get involved with a variety of organizations whether they are a first year or a senior.

In short, this is a chaotic time of year in the best possible way. The student body is full of energy for the year ahead and love for one another. I am so grateful to attend a school where any dread for the year’s challenges is massively outweighed by the amount of enthusiasm for the year’s adventures. Io Triumphe!

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