Performances, residencies, workshops, and collaborations with Guest Artists enrich the experience of our students


 Comedy & Social Change in Fall 2014. (Photo by Marc Campos)

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, talks to professor Jamie Angell’s class, Theater 204: Comedy & Social Change in Fall 2014. (Photo by Marc Campos)

Guest Artists for 2023-2024:

Guest Assistant Director: Joaquín Madrid Larrañaga, Slanguage
Guest Artist-in-residence: Yokko, Butoh Medea
Guest Stage Combat and Stage Kissing Workshop Coordinator: Rachel Lee Flesher
Guest Voice Acting Workshop Coordinator: Sayda Trujillo
Guest Director/Comps Supervision: Natalya Nielsen, How the sky meets the land in L.A.
Guest Comps Supervision: David CrabbChutzpah!
Wanlass Visiting Artist: Dawn Monique Williams, Legally Blonde
Culley Guest Artist: Roberta Evelyn Inscho, Legally Blonde

Guest Artists for 2022-2023:

Guest Sound Designer: John ZalewskiElevada and Roe 
Guest Projection Design: Hsuan-Kuang HsiehElevada and Roe 
Guest Intimacy Director: Carly DW Bones, Elevada and Sasha Nicolle Smith, Roe
Guest Consent and Intimacy Workshop Coordinator: Rachel Lee Flesher
Guest Voiceover Acting Workshop Panelists: Brendan HughesReba BuhrJesse Burch and Ezra Weisz
Guest Assistant Director: Natalya Nielsen, Elevada 
Guest Stage Manager: Kai Morfín, Elevada 
Wanlass Visiting Artists: Khanisha Foster, Roe and Alana DietzeElevada

Guest Artists for 2021-2022:

Guest Lighting Designer: Wesley Chew, Everybody and Seize the King
Guest Sound Designer: John Zalewski, Everybody and Seize the King
Guest Choreographer: Diana Wyenn, Everybody
Guest Intimacy Coach: Allison Bibicoff, Seize the King

Guest Artists for 2020-2021:

Guest Director: Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx, SCENES FROM METAMORPHOSES
Guest Choreographer: Shivani Thakkar, SCENES FROM METAMORPHOSES

Guest Artists for 2019-2020:

Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan
workshop: Freestyle/Beatbox Workshop

G. William Hume Fellowship Artists: Actors From the London Stage
actors in: King Lear
Actors From the London Stage- "Acting Workshop with Actors From the London Stage"- Acting Workshop

Wanlass Guest Artist: David Crabb
director of The Talking Cure

Edgerton Guest Artist: Sarah B. Mantell
workshop: The Tools of Writing Trickery

Wanlass Guest Artist: Patricia McGregor
director of The Winter's Tale

Culley Guest Artist: David Crabb
director of Crabb/Matthews Project: From Stories to Stage

Culley Guest Artist: Josh Matthews
director of Crabb/Matthews Project: From Stories to Stage

Culley Guest Artist: Larry Biederman
director of Dead Man's Cell Phone

Edgerton Guest Artist: Juliette Carillo
director of Three Sisters

Edgerton Guest Artist: Damaso Rodriguez-
workshop: "An Actor's Guide to the Director's Process in Rehearsal"

Edgerton Guest Artist: Stefanie Zadravec
workshop: "The Poetic & The Political"

Nick Erickson: Stage Movement Specialist

Recent Guest Artists (supported variously by the Culley Fund, the G. William Hume Fund, and the Remsen Bird Fund) have included:
JP Allen, writer/director
Sheila Callaghan, playwright
Roger Guenveur Smith, director/writer/actor/Oxy alum
Larissa Kokernot, director
The SITI Company
Tim Sanford, artistic director of Playwrights Horizons/ Oxy alum
The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Hume Fellows
Dan Dietz, playwright, television writer/Inaugural Guest Artist for the Edgerton Program
Roberta Levitow, artistic director of Theatre Without Borders
Christina Wright, costume designer/Oxy alum '88
Will Power hip hop solo artist/writer/actor/director (2010 production of The Seven)
Kathryn Bostic singer-songwriter/composer/ (music director of The Seven)
Ellen Newman, artistic director of the London Dramatic Academy

From left: The Flying Karamazov Brothers; Roger Guenveur Smith

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