Staged Plays written by Oxy Students

February 24-27 in Keck Theater
Student written plays, performed and directed by student and professional artists.
Festival Producers: Laural Meade & Tamara Goodman


Thursday, February 24
7:00pm Uncle Artie’s Hats by Alyson Terwilliger
8:30pm Icarus Plays It Safe by Rebecca Scott
workshop productions

Friday, February 25
7:30pm Icarus Plays It Safe by Rebecca Scott
9:00pm Hit by Zoë Rudman
workshop productions

Saturday, February 26
5:00pm Angel City Laundry by Emma Crow-Willard
staged reading
6:30pm Hit by Zoë Rudman
8:00pm Uncle Artie’s Hats by Alyson Terwilliger
workshop productions

Sunday, February 27
2:30pm Lo Prometido es Deuda by Gladys Angle
staged reading


by Alyson Terwilliger
directed by Michael Sargent
Uncle Artie’s Hats has all the elements of classic farce re-imagined with great heart and a big helping of familial love. 40 character hats, 6 fish, 2 warring sisters, and 1 quack doctor do their best to cure a mad uncle – only to really cure themselves (and wreck the house in the process).

by Rebecca Scott
directed by Jessica Hanna
Before he can fly too close to the sun, the title character of Icarus Plays It Safe must first free himself from the shadow of his inventor father. Other figures of mythological fame arrive – also struggling with parental pull. In the end they help and hinder him in his funny, sad and ironic effort to really and finally fly.

by Zoë Rudman
directed by Laural Meade
Through dance, boxing imagery and poetic text, Hit takes a hard look at the volatile dynamics of abuse in a romantic relationship. Can such a relationship really be called “love"? What are the steps, both emotional and physical, that lead to the first hit?

by Emma Crow-Willard
directed by Alan Brooks
Angel City Laundry imagines a fortuitous encounter between a b-list actor and a wanna-be actress. The play begins as a candid expose of the entertainment industry and transforms in to a compelling and funny story about the real people in and outside of its magnetic pull.

by Gladys Angle
directed by Juliette Carrillo
Lo Prometido es Deuda is a full-length work that takes penetrating look at the at-times phantasmagorical journey of a Colombian woman who comes to the U.S. as a mail-order bride. On the plains and in the living rooms of small-town Nebraska she finds some who feel just as foreign as she does and others who are also looking for love in unlikely places.

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