Celebrating 15 Years!


Friday, February 22 at 8:00pm
Back to Broadway by Kirsten Easton

Saturday, February 23 at 6:30pm
Film Buff by Brian Erickson

Saturday, February 23 at 8:00pm
We Ain't Wellby Giulia Davis
Flush by Robert Lundgren

Sunday, February 24 at 2:00pm
Dwell by Mandi Bossard
Kinky Roots by Shanequa Hammock

All performances in Keck Theater
Admission is FREE

The Plays

Produced by Emily Abbott ’13 and Laural Meade

Broadway Bertie’s career has been in a downward spiral for years. When he finally decides to hire an audience to bolster his next premiere, the actors in the house eclipse the actors on stage, taking the idea of opening night to a whole new level. This farcical comedy re-draws the lines between life and theater, love and hate, what is real and what is performed.
Directed by: Justin Zsebe

Written by Kirsten Easton '13

Teen siblings Claire and Mark are quietly reeling from the divorce of their parents. She is a frustrated artist and he struggles with a disease no one, least of all a child, should ever have to encounter. They escape into the fantasy worlds of film-making and film-watching as the reality of their family comes unhinged.
Directed by: Jesse Burch '92

Written by Brian Erickson '16

Taking inspiration from certain early 20th century scientific experiments performed on unsuspecting mental patients, this one-act drama follows the aftermath of an ugly divorce that lands the wife in an asylum at the mercy of her doctor husband. A second patient becomes their surrogate daughter as these ruined lovers perform a dance of death and retribution.
Directed by: Michael Sargent

Written by: Giulia Davis '13

Doug has had a bad couple of months. After downing one too many pills and a few too many beers it comes to a head, literally, when his toilet starts talking back to him. They order a pizza, listen to music, laugh, cry and get down to the truth about our most basic instinct - love.
Directed by: Joe Chandler '01

Written by: Robert Lundgren '13

After three grown siblings are turned out of their mother’s hospital room for making a public scene, they gather at a local motel to wait out her illness. Their haunted surroundings take on a life of their own as they recount and discover the distinctly different relationships each of them have with their enigmatic parent.
Directed by: Matt McCray.

Written by: Mandi Bossard '13

What starts as a friendly movie night turns in to a life-changing examination of self-image and self-esteem when Monica asks her girlfriends to join her in making the transition to natural hair. No relaxers, no perms, no dyes. How can three women who’ve been raised with a rigid sense of self-worth give up something that defines far more than just their notions of beauty?
Directed by: Michael Whaley '84

Written by: Shanequa Hammock '13

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