Gahyae Ryu

Gahyae Ryu is a Woods Innovation Fund Guest Artist and the sound designer for Romeo and Juliet. She also worked as the sound designer for the Spring 2020 production of Statute 21.06: Homosexual Conduct.

Gahyae Ryu is a sound designer who loves to tell a story thru her design. She creates a great medium to interact with the audience, and inspires both listeners and collaborators. She is experienced sound designer in Game, Film, and Live Entertainment and proficient in content creation, post production design (stereo and 5.1 mixing), recording (ADR, foley, and multi-track), and live sound design. She won Outstanding Achievement Award in sound editing at 2020 Indie Short Fest with a movie, “Nowhere, Forever”. Her selected theatre sound design works include: Statute 21.06: Homosexual Conduct (Occidental College, LA), Insula (Electric Lodge, Venice), and Protest Song (National Theater Company of Korea, S.Korea). She is grateful to join the creative team for Romeo and Juliet. You can check her work from here:


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