Call Campus Safety 24 hours at 011-323-259-2511 or 011-323-259-2599, ask for the "Dean on duty" or email The campus safety will then connect you to the Crisis Response Team.

    Why Report Emergencies

    Please report emergencies to ensure that in urgent or serious situations students receive prompt, appropriate and thorough care, intervention or referral from both program staff and Occidental College officers.

    When to Report Emergencies

    Any situation or condition which jeopardizes the student(s)’ physical, or mental health, safety, well-being or program participation and/or requires the intervention of program staff. Such events or occurrences may include, but not be limited to: civil disturbances, natural disaster, assault of any kind, sever or prolonged illness or injury requiring hospitalization, disciplinary action, emotional or behavioral disorders, illegal actions (i.e. drug use), absence from the program site, academic probation, etc. 

    Informaton Needed For Reporting

    • Student(s) name(s)
    • Date & time of occurrence/condition
    • Description of occurrence/condition
    • Action taken by program staff
    • Return contact information
    • Action requested of Occidental officer (if appropriate)

    Campus Crisis Team

    Robin Craggs, Executive Director, International Programs  
    323-259-2728  |

    Contact International Programs
    McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, Johnson 102