About IPO

The International Programs Office endeavors to advance Occidental's mission to prepare students for "leadership in an increasingly complex, interdependent and pluralistic world."

International Programs fosters in students the capacity for meaningful engagement with the world. Through our services and programming we contribute to and synthesize campus support systems for international students and facilitate academically aligned, rewarding education abroad (study and research) and off campus study experiences for our diverse participants.

Our vision is to constantly and dynamically evolve our services and programming to meet the changing needs of the faculty, the curriculum and our diverse student body.

Occidental recognizes the important role of international experience in a liberal arts and sciences education and as a key component in preparing undergraduates for successful and satisfying participation in today's interdependent world. 

International students bring diversity of perspectives to our campus. Academic experience abroad challenges undergraduate scholars to think beyond the cultural constructs implicit in their disciplines and socialization.

Through ongoing assessment of student learning and operational effectiveness, International Programs documents how global engagement—both on and off campus—develops cross-cultural communication and analytic skills; a global perspective; and polished language proficiency, sharpened intellect, and broadened imagination.

Annual Reports

The International Programs Office continues to strive to meet the college mission and standards with various programming and student services. See our annual reports to find out more about our program results and contribution to the mission of our college.

2018-23 Five-Year Report

2018-19 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report

2016-17 Annual Report

2011-16 Five-Year Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

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