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Are you interested in going abroad and curious about the process? See below for answers to the frequently asked questions.

Choosing a Program

Why are certain programs on the approved list?

Following College policy for program affiliation and in accordance with the Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice, Oxy partners with reputable, high-quality institutions and organizations. They must "fit" our curriculum, academic standards, expectations for student services and health and safety criteria. IPO staff and/or Oxy faculty have visited many of the programs to directly observe their operations.

How do I know what program is right for me?

An IPO advisor and your major professors will assist you in considering your language competency, prerequisites, program themes and formats, and other considerations. Sometimes students are surprised to learn of the "perfect" program they didn't even consider. Be open.

How can I be sure my program or country will respect my identity intersectionalities, ability-difference or special medical needs?

An IPO advisor will confidentially listen with the goal of supporting you in the best program fit. The more open you choose to be, the more we can assist.

What if I want to appeal for a program that is not on the approved list?

Please make an appointment with IPO advisor to discuss your interests and find an approved program that fits your academic plans and factors governed by College policy.  At this time we do not accept appeals for a program outside of our approved list.

What about two semesters abroad?

Occasionally, students with exceptional scholarly purpose and no academic barriers may be considered for an additional semester abroad only after all other eligible students have had the opportunity.

Can I take a leave of absence and go abroad?

This is not recommended since you will not be able to obtain Oxy credits and letter grades. Also your financial aid will not apply.

Your Application

Should I start my provider application (ex. CIEE, IES, SIT, DIS, etc)?

Yes, we highly recommend you to follow their application deadline and submit them as you wait for IPO approval.

What are the essay prompts? How many do I have to write?

You will be asked to write three essays. Take a glimpse at the essay advice and the prompts, which are in the semester abroad application online.

How many recommendations do I need? Who do I ask?

In your online application, you will have to request 2 recommendations from your professors online. One of your recommenders must teach in your major.

How should I approach my professors to write my recommendations?

We suggest you visit your professor in person first (if possible) and explain what your goal is. Also it is helpful to send a copy of your essays you wrote for online application to your recommender. Please note that professors are busy, and it is highly recommended that you inform them beforehand.

Do I have to ask my recommenders to write additional letters for my provider application?

No, Oxy will send received letters to your provider. You do not need to ask your recommenders to write additional letters.

How do I submit transcript for my provider's application?

Request an official transcript from the Registrar's office to upload into the provider portal..

Submission and Post-Application

When do I find out about IPO approval?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for IPO to notify the students.

What happens after I am accepted?

You will be notified to attend a brief meeting to go over the next steps, as well as the mandatory orientation.

For any further question, please email us or call 323-259-2533.

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