Read the full category descriptions below. 


Grand Prize & Category Winner

“By calling CGNet on their cell phones, women are able to voice grievances with the government, independent of the men in their village."
Sarah Corsa ’16, DWA
SIT, Jaipur, India (Social Change and Sustainable Development)– Fall 2014

Interconnectedness of Cultures

Category Winner

“Learning about Buddhism and meditation practices directly from a monk enabled me to see differences/similarities from my own Christian faith."
Saida Lopez ’16, UEP
CIEE, Khon Kaen, Thailand (Community Public Health)– Spring 2015

Foundational Differences

Category Winner

“Male relatives march across the beach in celebration for the rite of passage ceremonies to come."
Lindsay Opoku-Acheampong ’16, Biology
SIT, Mananjary, Madagascar (Biodiversity and Natural ResourceManagement) – Fall 2014

Honorable Mention

Due to an overwhelming amount of beautiful submissions, the judges also want to highlight the following students. Their photographs particularly stand out as exceptional representations of the diversity of study abroad experiences.

Rachel Cohn ’16, DWA
OXY-England, Cambridge, United Kingdom (Cambridge University - Pembroke College) – Fall 2014

Janet Sanchez ’16, Sociology
SIT, Cuzco, Peru (Indigenous Peoples and Globalization) Lago Tres Chimbadas, Madre de Dios – Spring 2015

Sohaila Ayad ’16, Biochem & Connor Lewis-Smith ’16, Biology
CIEE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (Business, Engineering, Arts and Sciences) – Spring 2015

Mary Richardson ’16, UEP
SIT, Cochabamba, Vietnam (Climate Change: The Politics ofFood, Water, and Energy) – Spring 2015

Ella Fornari ’16, Biology & Media Arts and Culture
IES, Papallacta, Ecuador (Galápagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences) – Fall 2014

Caleb Haas ’16, Media Arts and Culture
CET, Osaka, Japan (Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies) – Fall 2014

Category Descriptions

Students were asked to create a photograph that conveys a moment of learning that encapsulates their time abroad.


In line with Occidental's 2014-15 college-wide theme of Emancipation, photos in this category should engage with concepts of freedom and liberation—whether physical, legal, financial, cultural, spiritual, or intellectual. What does it mean to be free and how does this idea play out in different ways around the world? Did you observe people, places, or events during your travels that provided you with a new perspective on the topic of emancipation?

Interconnectedness of Cultures

Photos in this category should demonstrate moments of engaging attitudes that reflect an understanding of the interconnectedness of history, ideas, people, and problems. These photos could take the form of you engaging with the local culture or otherwise integrating into the surrounding community. What did you see or do that helped you to develop or deepen a global perspective? Photos submitted to this category should demonstrate what you learned while abroad in relation to understanding history and culture through multiple perspectives.

Foundational Differences

Photos in this category should demonstrate recognition of the cultural and historical foundation of human differences. Did you see differences in the concepts of beauty, time, or health? What moments exemplified fundamental differences in cultural practices, beliefs, religion, gender roles, notions of pride and shame, or values of collectivist or individualistic society?

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