Photo Contest

Our photo contest challenges semester-abroad and international students to connect their learning experiences to a global context and deepen their understanding of global issues.

Judges evaluate each submission based on the visual elements of the photo and how well the caption encapsulates understanding of and learning about other cultures. Our category winners will receive prizes for their outstanding photos that eloquently encapsulated the category's theme.

Additionally, all photo contest entries entries will displayed to the campus community on the Global Forum media wall in the Johnson McKinnon Center for Global Affairs.


Foundational Differences

Interconnectedness of Cultures

Oxy Student Experience Abroad

Past Winners

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Max Meade ’19

One of the things I loved about Copenhagen is that everybody bikes. Biking to school everyday really made me feel like a Dane!

Denmark / Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) / Fall 2017



Interconnectedness of Cultures

Isabel Morales ’20

A headscarf given to me by my host-grandmother, Obeda, I saw many similarities and differences between Jordanian and Latin culture. 

Jordan / SIT Jordan: Geopolitics, International Relations & The Future of the Middle East / Spring 2019

Foundational Differences

Alison Salazar ’19

Trajinera boats at Xochimilco: showcasing a pre-hispanic canal system of Mexico City.

Mexico / Young Grant / Winter 2018-19

Oxy Abroad

Darla Howell ’20

Playing Basketball with my new friend! 

China / CIEE Intensive Chinese Language + Culture / Spring 2019



Interconnectedness of Cultures

EvaMarie David ’19

Filippo, hurry up and say “formaggio” so that we can go ahead and eat the formaggio!

Italy / IES Milan / Spring 2018

Foundational Differences

Saya Maeda ’20

Helping my host dad herd his yaks across a meadow in the Himalayas

Nepal / SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples / Fall 2018

Oxy Abroad

Tulula Docherty

Taken in my first week at Oxy, this photo depicts the start of my fascination with, and love for, LA’s unique fusion of nature and concrete.

USA / Exchange at Oxy / 2018-19 Academic Year


Category Descriptions

Students are asked to create a photograph that conveys a moment of learning that encapsulates their time abroad.

Foundational Differences 

Photos in this category should demonstrate recognition of the cultural and historical foundation of human differences. Did you see differences in the concepts of beauty, time, or health? What moments exemplified fundamental differences in cultural practices, beliefs, religion, gender roles, notions of pride and shame, or values of collectivist or individualistic society?

Interconnectedness of Cultures

Photos in this category should demonstrate moments of engaging attitudes that reflect an understanding of the interconnectedness of history, ideas, people, and problems. These photos could take the form of you engaging with the local culture or otherwise integrating into the surrounding community. What did you see or do that helped you to develop or deepen a global perspective? Photos submitted to this category should demonstrate what you learned while abroad in relation to understanding history and culture through multiple perspectives.

Oxy Student Experience Abroad

Photos in this category should be of YOU experiencing your host country. This may include photos of students depicted in local sites, landmarks, buildings, or landscapes of the host country. We encourage students to wear their Oxy gear but it is not required. Be creative and show us how you explored your host country!

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