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Oxy charges a single comprehensive fee to ensure that all students have opportunities to go abroad.

Aid for Study Abroad

When you participate in study abroad, you receive the same level of merit and need-based scholarships as you would if you stayed on-campus. Your charges may differ, and there may be changes in your loan and work eligibility. See this page for more information.

Additional Assistance

Financial aid may be available to assist you with travel costs. This grant will be an estimate, not the actual reimbursement of the full flight. See this page for more information to learn how to request travel grants from the Financial Aid office.

IPO will provide stipends for any uncovered meals during your study abroad. This is calculated based on the previous records of meals, as well as up-to-date projections made by our partner programs. Not all students are eligible to receive the stipends because some programs provide full meals. Each student will receive a specific notification regarding the stipends.

Many study abroad scholarships are available through our partners: CIEE, SIT, and IES. Additionally, there are several state department-funded programs that will help support your study abroad experience: Gilman, Boren, DAAD, and Freeman-Asia. If you are on financial aid, please check with that office to see how your package may be affected by an outside scholarship.

*NEW* 2021 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for application through Japanese Universities (Japanese Studies Students): Eligibility & Apply here!

Aid for Study Abroad

These scholarships will be disbursed to the student's account along with other need-based financial aid awards on the first day of classes. If you have any questions about your revised award letter, please contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@oxy.edu.

Comprehensive Fees & Others
The Comprehensive Fee Includes the following costs to Occidental and value to you: What Comprehensive Fee Does Not Include

1. Occidental College tuition for all courses taken abroad.

2. Housing on site and meals as designated by the program.

3. All service fees (usually the published program price) paid directly by Occidental College to your program for academic expenses, extracurricular activities, some organized group meals, on-site support from host staff, pre-departure orientation materials, and some course materials.

4. Standard Occidental overhead costs for study abroad programs. See below.

1. International Airfare: If you are on financial aid, you may be eligible for a travel grant.

2. Personal expenses, local transportation, or visa expenses. These costs are accounted for in the "personal expenses" category in Occidental's Cost of Attendance calculation.

3. Optional field trips offered by the program. Field trips required for an enrolled course may be approved by IPO on a case-by-case basis.

Application and Processing Fees -
- Application Fee: $65 will be charged to your student account when you submit your application.
- Late Fee: $125 for accepted students who do not submit pre-departure forms by the deadline; a double fee ($250) will be charged if not submitted by the departure date.
- Withdrawal Fee after Commitment: After the last day of classes in the application semester, an unrecoverable commitment fee paid to the program will be charged to your student account if you decide to withdraw after commitment.
Standard Occidental Overhead -

-Includes specialized services for semester abroad students -- before/during/after -- includes but is not limited to:

Registrar - transcript from the program, conversion to Oxy grades/credits, application to graduation requirements for major/minor/core.

Emmons - health clearance for participants, verifying insurance for participants.

Disability Services - documentation for accommodations while abroad.

Financial Aid - adjustments to aid packages, replacement of work study (if eligible), additional grants for airfare (need-based).

Dean of Students - conduct clearance for participants, issues while abroad.

Oxy Faculty - advising about going abroad, while abroad, and on return.

Crisis Management Team - planning for emergencies abroad, implementing plans for any reason, communicating with programs, students, and families. Real incidents have included jail, hospitalization, civil unrest, pandemic, tsunami, etc.

IPO - advising, partnership management & quality control, nominating to programs, paying bills such as the "sticker price," disbursing meal stipends, as applicable, orientation, communication with all these offices on this list, etc.

Contact International Programs
McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, Johnson 102