An international Oxy family from China

Welcome to an evolving website for Chinese-speaking families!


我们尽力为大家提供任何必要的信息,同时如果各位家长有更多需要了解的信息,欢迎您发邮件至 (接受中文邮件)。我们会尽量回复邮件并且将常见问题更新至网页。感谢对网站建设的支持!

To keep in touch with a growing number of Mandarin-speaking families, International Programs offers this website of selected College materials in translation. In addition to translations of some official College websites and documents, Student Liaisons will offer the student perspective on the Oxy experience.

Is there some subject you would like to see addressed? Please email (Mandarin welcome). We will endeavor to address your questions or concerns in reply to the email or in future web up-dates.



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...and more topics in development. Please email with suggestions!

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McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, Johnson 102