Marcella Raney

Professor Marcella Raney
Associate Professor, Kinesiology; Advisory Committee, Biochemistry; Steering Committee, Public Health
B.A., Occidental College; Ph.D., University of Southern California
Appointed In: 
Bioscience 313

M/W 12:00-1:30

Professor Marci Raney teaches Systems Anatomy, Biochemistry of Exercise, Nutrition and Homeostasis, and Community Health and Fitness Research. She is a certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine. Her research interests include: 1) evaluation of wellness resources and interventions in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods and 2) mobile technology in higher education. Previous work has been published in journals such as the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion Practice, Anatomical Sciences Education, and American Journal of Physiology. She is currently working with community partners to introduce and evaluate the impact of green schoolyards on physical activity, social interactions, and general health of urban LAUSD students.

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